July 30, 2014


My MaxYield Internship: Quincy Lamp

Meet Quincy lamp, MaxYield’s Agronomy Sales Intern What are your career goals after graduation? After graduation I plan to attend Officer Candidate School and then commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. After the military I want to go into … [Read More...]


My MaxYield Internship: Jared Wellik

Meet Jared Wellik, MaxYield’s Crop Scout Intern What are some of your responsibilities a crop scout intern? My main responsibilities are to crop scout and soil sample fields of MaxYield clients. After scouting a farmer’s field, I give them a report on anything that I may find. … [Read More...]

Mick Hoover - MaxYield

Learning From the Ground Up: Mick Hoover Named 2013 Solutions Provider of the Year

At first, the opportunity to work full time at MaxYield didn’t seem to fit Mick Hoover. After earning his education degree from Buena Vista University in 2006, he turned down two job offers from MaxYield Cooperative while he waited for the right teaching job to open up. The third … [Read More...]


My MaxYield Internship: Sven Nielson

Meet Sven Nielson, MaxYield’s Crop Scouting Intern Why did you decide to pursue agriculture as a career path? I decided to pursue agriculture, because I really enjoyed participating and learning through my schools FFA program. Growing up I also helped on my grandfather’s farm, … [Read More...]


My MaxYield Internship: Ryan Mayland

Meet Ryan Mayland, MaxYield’s Advanced Agronomy Sales Intern What are your career goals after graduation? After graduation I am hoping to work for a co-op or a seed dealer and then one day go back and farm. How have your MaxYield internships helped prepare you for your … [Read More...]


MaxYield Interns Observe Manufacturing Process at John Deere

On Monday, July 21st MaxYield summer interns and team members Chad Meyer and Diane Streit traveled to Waterloo, where they participated in a tour of the John Deere Tractor Cab and Assembly Operations. The tour began with a video explaining the history, core values and new … [Read More...]

Collete COMP

My MaxYield Internship: Collete Haag

Meet Collete Haag, MaxYield’s Grain Industry Intern What are your career goals after graduation? I want to become a CPA within the agricultural career field. As an accountant I want to assist farmers and agribusinesses with their financial needs. What projects have you … [Read More...]

Mallard Fire Dept bunker gear 2014 comp

Mallard Fire Department Receives Bunker Gear Contribution

Ron Hutchison, fire chief (left) and Walt Reichert accept MaxYield Cooperative’s $1000 contribution and matching funds from Land O’Lakes Foundation. The contribution will be used by the Mallard Fire Department to purchase new bunker gear for three new department … [Read More...]