December 1, 2020

4 Steps to Powerful Weed Control with the Liberty® System

When Tim Lindhorst started farming a field south of Algona about 20 years ago, he knew weed control would be a huge challenge. “This field is on a slope at the lowest end,” said Lindhorst, who lives near Burt and is a MaxYield Cooperative client who has been farming full-time … [Read More...]

What’s Going on in Your Bins?

While it’s always important to check your bins periodically to maintain the quality of your stored grain, be extra diligent if dry conditions impacted your fields during the 2020 growing season. “Drought-affected corn tends to have smaller kernels, meaning it’s denser,” said … [Read More...]

Beef Feed Made Easy: MaxYield’s Business Grows in North Central Iowa

“Three strikes and you’re out” seemed to be the story of Dennis Brady’s luck after he started feeding cattle southeast of Eagle Grove in 1998. It’s not that his cattle operation was struggling—far from it. The challenge was finding a reliable feed supplier. “I did business … [Read More...]

Fueling Solutions in an Era of Uncertainty

As 2020 comes to a close, it seems there are two big questions on everyone’s mind. When will we transition into a post-COVID-19 world? What will things look like then? “We can’t just wave a magic wand and bring things back to the way they were,” said Chad Besch, energy team … [Read More...]

Facility Investments Pay Off at MaxYield

If you delivered grain this fall in MaxYield Cooperative’s east region, you probably noticed some big changes. We built one new 750,000-bushel grain bin at Belmond and one 750,000-bushel grain bin in Britt. Belmond’s bin upgrade has worked well, according to Frank … [Read More...]

Annual Meeting – UPDATE

Last week all Class A (voting) members of MaxYield Cooperative were sent their NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. As noted in the mailing, the in-person portion of the Annual Meeting will not be held and the financial report and director election will be conducted by mail. For your … [Read More...]

Interested in Purchasing Condo Storage Units?

From time-to-time we have clients that are interested in purchasing condo storage units at MaxYield Cooperative. If you are interested in purchasing condo storage units, we can place your interest on a list for potential sellers to review. For more information, please contact … [Read More...]

Kerry Hiscocks Retires from MaxYield Cooperative

KLEMME, IA – Kerry Hiscocks, operations team member at MaxYield’s Klemme location, was recognized with a retirement coffee honoring his 15 years of service to the local cooperative recently. His last day with MaxYield was October 30, 2020. After many years of working in the … [Read More...]