December 20, 2014

Buy Now, Get it Now…and Pay Later!

Take delivery now of your farm delivered diesel fuel and payment is not due until April 20, 2015. Take advantage of the recent decline in diesel fuel prices and get your tanks filled before the spring rush. Diesel fuel price is determined at the time of delivery. To take … [Read More...]


Insight: Innovative Grain Marketing Program

When should you pull the trigger on your grain sale? Do you wish you had someone to just make the sale for you? AgriVisor’s innovative grain marketing program may be for you, diversifying the way you manage price risk. The Insight program prices 100% of enrolled bushels … [Read More...]

MaxYield Announces New Equity Service Program

The following letter was recently sent to MaxYield Cooperative equity holders, announcing a new equity servicing program available to MaxYield members.  December 11, 2014 Dear MaxYield Equity Holders, We are pleased to inform you of a new feature we are making available … [Read More...]

Karl Setzer, Grain Market Analyst at MaxYield Grain – #PreMarket Prep for December 8, 2014   Published on Dec 9, 2014 Listen to the daily broadcast live:     … [Read More...]

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Looking for a Year-End Tax Deduction?

It sounded crazy at first. A year ago, the National Propane Gas Association recommended having an 8- to 10-day supply of liquid propane (LP) on hand. This now seems pretty logical. “It’s even time to think about adding enough LP storage to dry an entire crop,” said Chad Besch, … [Read More...]

MaxYield Cooperative Expands $1000 Ag Scholarship Program

MaxYield Cooperative announced today details of their scholarship program for area college students and graduating high school seniors. MaxYield has increased its scholarship offering to six $1000 scholarships to students who are in pursuit of a degree in agriculture. “The … [Read More...]

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Change Comes to Hobarton: MaxYield, Murphy Brown Conclude Grain Agreement

Change is the only constant in this world. Change has also come to MaxYield Cooperative, as our Hobarton grain origination agreement with Murphy Brown comes to an end. Murphy Brown recently made this decision. They have staff in place to originate grain for their other feed … [Read More...]

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Condominium Storage Program Offered

MaxYield Cooperative is offering another condominium grain storage program. Condominium storage was offered by MaxYield for the first time in 2006 and again in 2007. Each offering was very well received by our membership and sold out. We have only had a few Condo units … [Read More...]