November 28, 2020

$10,000 Lottery Prize Sold at Whittemore Cenex

Dennis Demory Wins $10,000

Demory, 62, said he had a gut feeling to buy a $250,000 Riches ticket earlier this month and his intuition paid off.

“I felt lucky,” Demory told lottery employees Tuesday as he claimed his prize at the lottery’s regional office in Mason City.

Demory said he bought his winning ticket May 10 at Whittemore Cenex, 215 Fourth St. in Whittemore.

He said he scratched off his ticket later the same day and returned to Cenex to double-check his work. The staff there was very excited for him, he said.

“(They said) I can’t believe it, coming from this small town of Whittemore,” Demory said.

Demory, who is retired, said he plans to use a majority of his winnings to pay bills.

The $250,000 Riches scratch game is a $20 ticket and Queen/King of Cash is a $5 ticket. More details about how to play these games, and number of prizes still up for grabs in them can be found on the Iowa Lottery’s website,


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