January 18, 2021

1933 – Farmers Industrial Union becomes Farmers Cooperative Company – Britt

britt proclamation (740x1024)Though its a bit hard to read, the board meeting notes shown here for three special meetings are significant in the history of our location in Britt.

The first special meeting was held March 7, 1933 for the purpose of discussing the proposition of changing what was then known as Farmers Industrial Union to a Cooperative Association. Directors present were Jas Kent, Jens Jensen, Ralph Whitney, Wm. Jakaubek, H.A. Schaper, Lars Johnson and W.C. Fox.

The third special meeting of stockholders was held March 28, 1933.

At that meeting, a “motion made by H.A. Schaper and second by A. Baker that we change the Farmers Industrial Union, a corporation, to the Farmers Co-Operative Company, a co-operative association under chapter 389 of the code of Iowa,” was completed.

69 affirmative votes were cast, with no one voting to the contrary, setting in motion a cooperative presences in the community of Britt.

Eighty two years later, a strong cooperative presence is still felt there. Thank you to the community of Britt, and all of the communities that make up MaxYield Cooperative, for believing in the cooperative spirit!


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