January 25, 2021

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From Ukraine to Iowa: MaxYield Welcomes International Trainees

MaxYield UkraineThe tender driver who came to your field or the specialist who treated your soybean seed might be more than a new face at MaxYield Cooperative. He may be one of the three trainees MaxYield is hosting this year from Ukraine.

“We’re all about people development here, and we value the opportunity to help these young men learn more about American agriculture,” said Diane Streit, MaxYield’s human resource director.

Iurii Nadtochii, Sergii Tkachu, and Mykhailo Iurkin joined the MaxYield team in March and will work for MaxYield through December of 2013. All the men are college students who are studying agriculture in Ukraine. All speak English, and some have specialized training. Sergii, for example, is a master electrician, noted Walt Reichert, MaxYield’s west area team leader.

In addition, all the men have their CDL licenses and have been handling a variety of outside operations jobs at MaxYield, from cleaning out flat storage areas and grain bins to delivering products. “We want to ensure the trainees’ stay is as enjoyable and educational as possible,” said Reichert, who noted that the trainees will work in MaxYield’s west and central regions. “Education is very important to these guys, and they don’t take it lightly.”

MaxYield goes global

MaxYield UkraineMaxYield hired the trainees after Pro Ag Resources (PAR) contacted the cooperative. PAR is a structured program that sources qualified, international trainees for cooperatives to help them meet their seasonal labor needs, Streit said.

While PAR handles the trainees’ housing and transportation, MaxYield’s team members are focused on helping them learn as much as possible about Iowa agriculture and American life. “These young men are extremely interested in not only agriculture, but the American experience,” said Reichert, who invited the trio to his home for Easter dinner. “They are very genuine and appreciative, and MaxYield wants to be a good ambassador to help them learn about our culture.”

The trainees’ student visas allow them to stay in the United States for one year, said Streit, who noted that they intend to return to Ukraine. “Once they are back home, they will be extremely marketable. Work experience in America really enhances their resume, and it’s an honor for MaxYield to be part of this.”

This opportunity creates a win-win for the trainees and MaxYield, added Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO. “This is yet another example of how agriculture and MaxYield operate in a global economy. I’m excited to welcome these young men to MaxYield and Iowa. They have a strong work ethic, and I’m optimistic that this will be a great learning experience for both parties.”


Welcome Jerry Bellinghausen

Jerry Bellinghausen

MaxYield Cooperative welcomes Jerry Bellinghausen back to our team.

He is a north Iowa native who previously worked at MaxYield’s Britt location and most recently at the GPRE Lakota Ethanol facility, grading grain.

Jerry will be working in sales and marketing of organic nutrients for GE-Max Nutrients LLC, a joint venture between Gold Eagle Cooperative and MaxYield Cooperative.

Welcome Jerry!

My MaxYield Internship: Clint McConnell

Clint CropMeet Clint McConnell, MaxYield’s Grain Operations Intern

 What has been your favorite thing about your internship so far? I have really enjoyed meeting new people and getting to take on new responsibilities.

What have you learned about grain operations that you didn’t know before? Some of the new things I have learned include how the probe works, how to hedge markets and how settlements work, and the total grain capacities of each of the MaxYield locations.

 What is it like working with your supervisors in the grain department? Harry Bormann, Karl Setzer, and Rick Abrahamson are all great to work with and very knowledgeable.  They also are very patient with me as I ask many questions.

 What are some of the activities you have been involved with in your internship? So far I have visited the MaxYield locations and attended the Kossuth County Intern breakfast where the other interns and I learned about the events and skills building activities available through the Kossuth County Economic Development program.  The other MaxYield interns and I, along with Chad Meyer and Diane Streit, also had the opportunity to enjoy a little off the clock interaction at the Humboldt bowling alley. 

What are some of the intern related tasks you have been working on? I have been working on various projects with Karl Setzer, Rick Abrahamson, and Harry Bormann.  I have also had the chance to run the scale and probe at the West Bend location.

What are you most looking forward to this summer as a MaxYield intern? I am looking forward to getting a better grasp on everything that deals with grain operations and gaining a good relationship with MaxYield Cooperative.

MaxYield Cooperative Supports Bancroft Fire Department

       On Friday, May 24th Client Relations/Communications Director, Chad Meyer, presented a check to the Bancroft Fire Department on behalf of MaxYield Cooperative. The donation of $250 was presented at the Bancroft Fire Station to Fire Chief, Mike Doocy who explained that the proceeds will go towards the purchase of new bunker gear for the department. DSC_0313

Doocy, who has served as the Bancroft Fire Chief for two and a half years, thanked MaxYield saying, “We really appreciate the support as fundraisers and donations are key to the survival of the department.”  

MaxYield Cooperative is a local farmer owned agricultural cooperative that has 18 locations in Iowa and one in Riga, Michigan. They are headquartered in West Bend, Iowa. More information about the cooperative can be found online at www.MaxYieldCooperative.com or www.FromTheField.com.


My MaxYield Internship: Haley Banwart

Haley BanwartAmidst the bustle of this spring’s delayed planting season I began my MaxYield experience as the 2013 Communications Intern. As I stepped foot in the West Bend corporate office on Monday, May 13 I felt a combination of excitement and nervousness. Those feelings began to disappear as I was warmly greeted by many familiar faces as well as several new ones.

My first two days on the job I took a road trip with Client Relations/Communications Director, Chad Meyer, and Grain Intern, Clint McConnell. Clint and I were given the grand tour of the MaxYield locations and it was great to be welcomed by so many friendly team members. We were even surprised to learn of a location we had never heard of when we visited the small town of Meservey. My favorite part of the tour was visiting the $4.4 million fertilizer plant in Belmond.  I was shocked to see such a project underway in rural Iowa and I was captivated by the sheer size of the massive structure.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet the other interns and we were given the safety low down with Safety Coordinator Tom Winkel. Although safety can sometimes be a monotonous subject I was extremely impressed with the thought and detail that has gone into MaxYield’s protection protocol. It is reassuring to know that MaxYield places safety as a high priority for all team members.

Friday concluded the first week of my internship as the other interns and I learned the ins and outs of MaxYield Cooperative with Education Leader, Patti Guenther. and were treated to lunch with CEO, Keith Heim.  Gaining knowledge of the history, organizational structure, and initiatives of MaxYield made me feel confident that I can positively reflect upon the philosophy and mission that the company strongly stands by.

In summary, my first week as a MaxYield intern has left me with a great impression that I will have a very meaningful learning experience that will help me to be successful in the future. I look forward to all of the events and tasks I will be involved with this summer and for the chance to network with the talented individuals that make up the MaxYield team.  Thank you for such a warm welcome!


Letter to Membership: Election Update

The following letter will be mailed June 1st to Class A members of MaxYield Cooperative. The letter provides an update on who is seeking election to the board of directors, and who to contact if you are interested in running.

June 1, 2013

Dear MaxYield Cooperative Members,

The governance process is one of the most important components of your cooperative’s success. The purpose of this letter is to inform our members of the approaching board of director elections and provide who you should contact if you are interested in seeking election to the board in each of the three regions.

In the east region (east of Hwy 17), Eric Marchand is seeking re-election.

Jim Wirtz is seeking re-election in the central region (between Highway 4 and Highway 17).

In the west region (west of Highway 4) Todd Meyer is seeking re-election.

Since an incumbent is seeking re-election in each region, no nominating committee will be formed. If you are interested in seeking election to the MaxYield board, please contact Chad Meyer, Client Relations/Communications director, at 800-383-0003 ext. 216 or cmeyer@MaxYieldCoop.com.

Two years ago, we adopted the new policy that if an incumbent wants to run for re-election, we will not form a nominating committee. While we no longer form a nominating committee in this instance, we welcome new candidates to run for the board and encourage you to consider this opportunity.

To be considered a candidate, candidates must:

• Be a Class “A” member.

• No criminal record (felonies)

• A good credit history with MaxYield

• History of a reasonable amount of business with MaxYield

The deadline to declare your intention to run for the board is August 31st 2013.


Howard Haas

Board President



Hobarton Grain Delivery Update

Hobarton will be down to 1 pit from May 28th through June 5th for pit repairs.

Thank you for your understanding!

Welcome Justin Zwiefel

Justin Zwiefel MaxYield Cooperative welcomes Justin Zwiefel to our team.

He is a May 2013 graduate of South Dakota State University in Brookings and hails from Burt, IA.

Justin will fill an agronomy specialist role in our west area.

Welcome Justin!

West Bend Location CLOSED 10:30 a.m. – noon Wednesday, May 22

MaxYield Cooperative’s West Bend location will be closed Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. until noon on Wednesday, May 22nd so that our team members can attend the funeral of long-time teammate Kevin Merideth.

After a long battle with cancer, Merideth passed away Friday evening. He spent many years working for MaxYield at our West Bend and Rodman locations.

Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with his family and friends.

We are grateful for your understanding, while we close operations on Wednesday to honor his memory. Thank you.


Why are gas prices spiking?

By Chad Besch, MaxYield Energy Team Leader

Did anyone else notice gas prices have gone up a little???

The big spike up has been caused by basis levels increasing after some refinery issues in the Chicago area got traders worried, or downright panicking, about supply in the Midwest.

Basis levels are a reflection of local supply and demand and in this case the spike, in theory, would slow demand and entice suppliers to ship more gallons to the Midwest to make up for the shortage. One could argue the move is a bit extreme but then again when is the last time traders ever overdid anything……

There were a few signs late last week that things could start to correct next week. Will $4 gas will be short lived?

To read more thoughts on the energy markets and to learn more about the recent run-up in prices, go to Chad Besch’s energy commentary at www.MaxYieldEnergy.com.