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Crop Scout Internship Available

20130724_maxyield_006 compWould you rather work outside…than behind a desk. Are you looking for an internship that builds your seed and agronomic skills AND gives you great networking opportunities?

MaxYield’s crop scouting internship might be for you.

MaxYield will be at Iowa State University’s Ag Career Day October 15 and at South Dakota State University’s Ag Career Day on October 16.

Be sure to look us up for seed/agronomy, grain, grain operations, agronomy operations and communications internships. We are also searching for an agronomy specialist trainee. Is that you?

This summer’s seed/agronomy sales and scouting interns spent their summer gaining first hand in-the-field experience, interacting with clients, capitalizing on networking opportunities and participating in fun field trips.

Learn more about opportunities at MaxYield, right here.

MaxYield Cooperative Announces Fiscal Year Results

MaxYield Cooperative® recently announced their fiscal results, for the year ending July 31, 2013.

“We are grateful for the support of our members and clients, as we just finished another successful year. MaxYield had a strong year financially with local savings surpassing $4.2 million,” said MaxYield Cooperative CEO Keith Heim.

Local savings of MaxYield Cooperative for the 2012-2013 fiscal year exceeded business plan with Local Savings from Operations reaching $4,201,659. Patronage from other cooperatives totaled over $4.9 million. This combination of earnings resulted in a level of pre-tax Total Savings for MaxYield over $9.1 million.

Over $5.7 million will be returned to members in the form of patronage allocations and Section 199 Domestic Production Activities Deductions.

Heim went on to say that MaxYield will be retiring nearly $60,000 of Britt Co-op preferred stock from regional cooperatives and over $205,000 of Fostoria Co-op preferred stock per previous merger agreements with those organizations. “These payments pay off the remaining applicable Fostoria equity and Britt regional equity due their members,” he said.

The cooperative’s annual meeting is slated for December 3, 2013.

MaxYield Cooperative is a local member owned cooperative with 19 locations and is headquartered in West Bend, Iowa. More information regarding the cooperative is available online at www.MaxYieldCooperative.com.

NOTICE: Road Closed in September Near Hobarton

The rough rail road crossing west of the Murphy-Brown LLC feed mill on County Road P30 ( 90th Avenue) will be closed for 3 days the week of Sept 16th.

Most likely the crossing will be closed on Sept 17th, 18th and 19th.

Kossuth County will be installing signs to detour traffic.

Feed mill, main office and warehouse traffic will have to gain access from the north off of Hwy 18.

Ingredient haulers and grain clients will have to gain access from the south off of B40 (210th Street) or known locally as McGregor road.

Please allow extra time for your travel time and plan accordingly.



Client Relations/Communications Internship Available

Haley FinalDo you have a passion for communicating the importance of agriculture? Are you interested in helping MaxYield Cooperative develop and communicate its brand?

Our communications/client relations internship might be for you.

MaxYield will be at Iowa State University’s Ag Career Day October 15 and at South Dakota State University’s Ag Career Day on October 16.

Be sure to look us up for seed/agronomy, grain, grain operations, agronomy operations and communications internships. We are also searching for an agronomy specialist trainee. Is that you?

This summer’s client relations/communication intern, Haley Banwart, spent her summer organizing field trips, assisting with My Solutions magazine, capturing our interns video updates, networking, and much more!

Learn more about opportunities at MaxYield, right here.


Grid Soil Sample Part-Time Position Open

MaxYield Cooperative’s precision ag department, SciMax Solutions, is seeking part-time team members to perform grid soil sampling tasks this fall. Position will work directly with our SciMax Solutions team collecting soil samples.

Hours available during the week days/evenings plus hours available Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

For more information contact Eric Goodman, egoodman@scimaxsolutions.com or 515-320-0404

Learn more about MaxYield at www.MaxYieldCoop.com and SciMaxSolutions.com.

We Will Never Forget: Whittemore American Legion Riders Salute Those Who Served

Whittemore Legion Riders

Holding flag l to r: William C. Elbert, Craig Brownell.
Back row, left to right: Lee Elbert, Michael Zimmerman, Ronald Waldero, Terry Froehlich, Stuart Simonson.

While there are plenty of poker runs and bike nights across Iowa each summer, members of the Whittemore American Legion Riders Post 425 rally for a different reason.

“We’re not a motorcycle club,” said Mick Zimmerman, a U.S. Army veteran from Whittemore. “We’re members of the American Legion family who share a passion for serving and riding.”

Established in 2009, the Whittemore American Legion Riders honor veterans from local American Legion posts who reside in area care centers. “We try to organize a ride to the care centers once a month from May to October, usually on a Saturday afternoon,” said Chris Zinnel from Swea City, a U.S. Army veteran and Iowa Air National Guard staff sergeant who serves as president of the Whittemore American Legion Riders.

Up to 30 or more people (including women motorcyclists) participate in the rides, which have traveled to West Bend, Emmetsburg, Estherville, Armstrong, Bancroft, Titonka, and Algona. “Our veterans signed a blank check that said they’d pay with their lives to serve our country, and we want to thank them for their service,” said Zimmerman, a retired Bancroft post master who rides a 2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail®.

The Whittemore American Legion Riders currently have 31 members, and each person must be a member of the American Legion family through the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, or the American Legion Auxiliary.

“It’s not a requirement to join the Seely-Walsh Post 425 in Whittemore,” noted Stuart Simonson, senior vice president of Farmers State Bank in Whittemore. “We welcome anyone from other area posts who would like to belong to the Whittemore American Legion Riders.”

In addition, anyone can participate in the group’s monthly rides. All vehicles are welcome, added Zimmerman, who sometimes drives his 1940 Chevrolet pickup in the rides. “We want to include anyone who is willing to take the time to remember our veterans.”


Ready to ride?

Contact Chris Zinnel (712-260-6664), Mick Zimmerman (515-320-1406), or Stuart Simonson (515-320-0779) for more details.


Prevented Planting Acres Map



Passing the Test: How the State Grain Exam Protects You

With all the concerns on your mind, getting paid by your grain buyer shouldn’t be one of them. As a state-licensed grain dealer and warehouse, MaxYield Cooperative must pass a yearly exam to ensure we’re complying with all of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) grain regulations to protect our clients.

“This exam gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re dealing with the right company,” said Harry Bormann, MaxYield’s grain team leader.

Each year between February and June, a 10- to 12-member team from IDALS audits MaxYield’s financial statements and verifies the company’s grain inventories. This year’s exam took place at MaxYield’s locations from April 1 through midday on April 4. “This was relatively fast,” said Rick Abrahamson, MaxYield’s grain compliance care leader who handles the co-op’s grain records. “Our team works hard to keep accurate, thorough records to streamline the process.”

The average grain warehouse exam requires 61 hours, according to Richard Wahl, IDALS grain warehouse bureau chief. “MaxYield does a fine job of meeting the state’s specific standards, which exist to ensure that companies have the ability to pay for grain they purchase.”

Making sense of the 30-day grain policy

Iowa has a long history of regulating the grain industry, Wahl noted. The state’s grain warehouse laws were implemented in the 1920s, and the state’s grain dealer laws date back to the 1970s. These include the state’s Grain Indemnity Fund, which covers all grain in storage at each state-licensed warehouse. The Grain Indemnity Fund also covers cash-grain sales if a company declares bankruptcy and is unable to pay for grain they’ve purchased in the previous 30 days.

To meet the state standards, including the Grain Warehouse Bureau 30-day requirement, MaxYield must keep detailed financial statements, which IDALS field examiners analyze during the annual exam. The financial records reflect MaxYield’s 30-day grain policy, which allows clients to keep an open position on grain no longer than 30 days from the first load date of delivery. “To ensure that MaxYield stays in compliance, our team members monitor these records daily to see how many clients are approaching the 30-day requirement,” Bormann said.

During the annual exam, IDALS specialists also audit every MaxYield location and measure the grain inventories at each facility to make sure everything balances with the figures in MaxYield’s books. During the process, they randomly select scale tickets and follow each transaction to completion. “That’s why we emphasize signature of authorization forms, because proper signatures and dates on contracts are very important to the state officials,” Abrahamson said.

In addition, the IDALS team members inspect all of MaxYield’s price-later contracts and deferred contracts to make sure they are properly managed. All this makes MaxYield a better grain solutions provider, Bormann said. “We’re fortunate to have many experienced people on MaxYield’s grain team who are ready to help you with your grain marketing decisions.”

For more information on grain marketing solutions customized to your needs, contact your nearest MaxYield location or www.MaxYieldGrain.com.



How Sweet It Is: Make Yourself a Milk Shake and More

West Bend Cenex Freal Craving a rich milk shake, sweet smoothie, or frozen cappuccino? Check out the new self-serve machine at MaxYield Cooperative’s Cenex convenience store in West Bend.

The new f’real® blender allows you to blend great-tasting milk shakes, smoothies, and frozen cappuccinos quickly and easily with just the touch of a button. After selecting the product and flavor you want from the blending bar, use the LED touch screen to tell the machine whether you’d like your product to be creamy, extra-creamy, or regular. Then put the cup in the slot at the base of the blender, and the machine will do all the work.

From cookies ’n’ cream to mint chip, you’ll find your favorite flavors at a competitive price. The new self-cleaning blender has replaced the soft-serve ice cream machine, which required extensive cleaning each week.

“We’re excited to offer this unique option,” said Chad Besch, who oversees MaxYield’s convenience stores. “Stop by and see what’s new.”


Get Your Money — Fast

Instead of waiting for your check from MaxYield Cooperative to arrive by mail, did you know your money can be directly deposited into your checking account?

You can get your payment quickly when you use our automated clearing house (ACH) checking service. An ACH payment will be deposited in your bank account within 48 hours of a grain settlement.

“We’re looking for ways to get money to you faster,” said Bob Burkhardt, MaxYield’s chief financial officer, who noted that MaxYield has been offering the ACH service for more than a year.

You’re probably familiar with ACH already, since Farm Service Agency payments come by ACH. To sign up for MaxYield’s ACH service, simply fill out a form from MaxYield and enclose a voided check with your bank routing information.

Here are a few more details:

• ACH can only apply to one checking account.

• If there’s a lienholder against the account, you won’t be allowed to receive an ACH payment.

• ACH is available for commercial accounts.

• If you use the ACH service but want a paper check at some point, simply inform the MaxYield location that’s handling your transaction so they can help you out.

• With your approval, ACH can be used for bill paying. “This is a good option for even-pay accounts through our energy business,” noted Cory Thilges, MaxYield’s assistant controller.

For more details on MaxYield’s convenient ACH service, call Bob Burkhardt or Cory Thilges at 800-383-0003, or contact your nearest MaxYield location.