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LET’S ROLL: New Service Center is Open for Business

OPEN HOUSE: MaxYield Tires & Service is hosting an open house January 23, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.. Stop by for food, door prizes and see our new facility and expanded inventory! Contact Bryan Traub at 515-887-TIRE for more information.

Eric Thomas (left), tire specialist, consults with Jeff Bonnstetter, shop supervisor.

Eric Thomas (left), tire specialist, consults with Jeff Bonnstetter, shop supervisor.

Time for an oil change? Need a new set of tires before winter? No matter what type of vehicle service you need, MaxYield Cooperative’s new service station and shop in West Bend are open for business.

“It’s great to be here,” said Bryan Traub, MaxYield’s service station team leader. “We have more space to work more efficiently. We also offer a comfortable client lounge with a TV, magazines, and hot coffee for you. For client safety and for efficiency in scheduling repair work, we ask everyone to please check in at the office.”

Located east of the corporate office, the new facility has been open since mid-September. The 80-foot by 240-foot building houses the service station, MaxYield’s maintenance shop, and MaxYield’s tire inventory. The building also includes 1,800 square feet of lobby area and office space, two restroom facilities, and a break room, with a client entrance and client parking areas on the building’s west side.

Bringing the service station and internal maintenance operations under one roof is a big plus, Traub said. “We can move expertise and labor back and forth, as needed. Increasing our efficiency means we’ll be better able to provide the service you need, when you need it.”

The new shop’s four bays will easily accommodate both routine work and emergency jobs. “With the new building, we can have small projects and long-term projects underway at the same time,” said Jeff Bonnstetter, shop supervisor in West Bend.

The new facility replaces MaxYield Cooperative’s west shop, which was built in West Bend in 1972, followed by the service station in 1975 and the east shop in 1978. “The lighting is great in the new building, which makes it easier to work,” Bonnstetter said. “It’s so much brighter than our previous shop.”

The new building also features two new additional lifts, including one for heavy equipment like TerraGators® and semi trucks. “It’s great to be able to put semis up on a hoist, rather than have to work on them using a creeper,” said Bonnstetter, who added that the spacious shop allows team members to open TerraGator booms up to service them. “We’ve got more room to move.”

20141008_maxyield_165 (1024x681)One roof, one team
Working in less crowded conditions is enhancing safety within the shop, Traub noted. It’s also creating a better working environment for MaxYield’s team members, which includes Traub, Tim Fuoss, and tire specialists Gene Sewell and Eric Thomas.

Thomas joined MaxYield in mid-August. “It’s a friendly environment here with good people,” said Thomas, who is a graduate of the automotive technician program at Iowa Lakes Community College. “I also like how MaxYield invests in new facilities and upgrades its equipment.”

Stop by and see what’s new
Traub encourages you to stop by and take a look at the new facility in West Bend. Also, MaxYield will host an open house January 23rd, from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the service station and shop. “This new building marks the completion of a shared goal we’ve had for a long time,” Traub said. “It’s a win-win for everyone.” ■

We’re Here for You
MaxYield’s new service station in West Bend is open:
• Monday to Friday: 8 a.m to 5 p.m.
• Saturday: 8 a.m. to noon.

Contact us:
• 515-887-TIRE (service center)
• 515-887-SHOP or 515-887-3531 (Jeff Bonnstetter, shop supervisor)

Buy Now, Get it Now…and Pay Later!

Take delivery now of your farm delivered diesel fuel and payment is not due until April 20, 2015.

Take advantage of the recent decline in diesel fuel prices and get your tanks filled before the spring rush. Diesel fuel price is determined at the time of delivery.

To take advantage of our “Delayed Payment” diesel fuel program, contact your Energy Solutions Specialist, or by contacting Energy Central at 515-887-7282, 866-711-7282.

Insight: Innovative Grain Marketing Program

InsightWhen should you pull the trigger on your grain sale?

Do you wish you had someone to just make the sale for you?

AgriVisor’s innovative grain marketing program may be for you, diversifying the way you manage price risk.

The Insight program prices 100% of enrolled bushels by the end of the pricing period. Their carefully selected experts alert you when they make a sale and explain the fundamental and/or technical reason behind their decisions.

You select a professional…choose from AgriVisor®, Doane® and ProFarmer®. (Minimum of 5,000 bushels required per analyst)

With today’s volatile markets, making a decision can be difficult. Use the Insight program to diversify your pricing risk and have professional analysts price a percentage of your grain.

To learn more about Insight or to get started, contact your MaxYield location today.  Deadline to enroll is coming fast…current program ends December 31, 2014.

INSIGHT grain marketing flyer

MaxYield Announces New Equity Service Program

The following letter was recently sent to MaxYield Cooperative equity holders, announcing a new equity servicing program available to MaxYield members. 

December 11, 2014

Dear MaxYield Equity Holders,

We are pleased to inform you of a new feature we are making available as part of our equity servicing efforts at MaxYield Cooperative (MYC). For those choosing to participate, we are offering to redeem some allocated equity at a discount. This will be in addition to retiring some of our oldest, outstanding equity at full face value as we have in the past.

This initiative will allow eligible equity holders the option to have some portion of their equities redeemed earlier than historically has been possible at MYC. We have established two groupings of equities for which this new discounting initiative will be offered at this time.

The first priority grouping will be all equities from the years 1989-1998 and the balance of the local Britt equities and are redeemable at 75% of face value. The second grouping will be the equities from the years 1999-2004 and are redeemable at 60% of face value.

As these equities were qualified when paid to you, they should have been included as income and subjected to taxation in the year they were issued. Redeeming now at a discount will allow you to claim an ordinary business loss on the difference between the face value and actual cash received against your current year ordinary income. Please consult with your tax advisor to evaluate the program based on your own particular circumstances.

The use of this discounting initiative will assist in the acceleration of the rate MYC is able to revolve qualified allocated equity to past and current members. We have a goal of attaining a 10-12 year revolvement cycle within the next 5 years. Doing such will enhance our competitive positioning in the market place and strengthen us financially.

We have established a first year cash cap of $300,000 to introduce this new discounting initiative. If we experience more interest than the $300,000 first year cash cap, we will give preference to Group One (1989-1998 equities and local Britt equities) before Group Two (1999-2004 equities). We anticipate having more equity groups to add to the offering as we move forward. In the event demand is great, we may need to prorate participation to keep the program fair to all.

For your convenience, we are sending a summary of your Group One, and Group Two balance. You will need to make a voluntary decision to participate, then fill out and return the enclosed election form to a MYC office before January 31, 2015. If you choose to participate, you will need to tender all eligible equities from a grouping, but not necessarily both groupings.

We will have a series of informational meetings to explain the program and answer your questions.
January 6, 2015:                      9 a.m. Regional Events Center, Spencer
2 p.m. Wild Rose Casino, Emmetsburg

January 7, 2015:                       9 a.m. West Bend Country Club
2 p.m. Kossuth Co. Ag Museum, Algona

January 8, 2015:                       9 a.m. Duncan Community Hall
2 p.m. Belmond City Hall Community Room

We are excited about this discounting initiative. Equity servicing is important and we feel this new flexibility will be useful for many of our equity holders.

For more information, contact your nearest MaxYield location, or call 515-887-7211 or 1-800-383-0003.

Karl Setzer, Grain Market Analyst at MaxYield Grain – #PreMarket Prep for December 8, 2014


Published on Dec 9, 2014

Listen to the daily broadcast live: http://premarket.benzinga.com/pre-mar…



Looking for a Year-End Tax Deduction?

20140513_maxyield_106 (1024x681)It sounded crazy at first. A year ago, the National Propane Gas Association recommended having an 8- to 10-day supply of liquid propane (LP) on hand. This now seems pretty logical.

“It’s even time to think about adding enough LP storage to dry an entire crop,” said Chad Besch, MaxYield Cooperative’s energy team leader. “I know that may sound absurd, but it’s becoming the new reality.”

It’s not all that different from trends that have reshaped the diesel fuel market. In the past 10 years, on-farm diesel storage capacity has expanded exponentially, due to increased harvest speed and other factors. Some farmers now have enough storage capacity on the farm to buy and store enough diesel fuel for an entire year, Besch noted.

Changing dynamics in the market are also making it more important to have enough LP storage so you have the LP you need, when you need it. “But I can hear you saying, ‘I don’t know how much LP to contract,’” Besch said. “The solution? Invest in a new tank.”

Once you buy the tank, you can fill your storage rather than contract. What you don’t use stays in the tank until next year. Even if you don’t use all your LP right away, that’s no problem. LP never goes bad, Besch noted.

Lease or purchase—it’s your choice
Maybe you’re wondering why MaxYield doesn’t just worry about the LP situation and figure out a different solution. “It’s physically impossible for us to bring in enough propane if everyone needs it all at once,” Besch said. “There aren’t enough transport trucks to bring it in fast enough in high-demand times.”

Also, it’s very costly for MaxYield to invest in large LP storage units. “We can only do so much so fast,” said Besch, who noted that MaxYield is adding another trailer this year to help out. “Even if we add more storage, it may not help you, especially if the storage facility is on the opposite side of the trade territory.”

That’s why investing in your own tank is one of the best solutions available. MaxYield offers a 10-year, lease-to-own program on 1,000-gallon tanks for $200 a year. You can also purchase a tank outright for $2,100, said Besch, who noted that these tanks work well for corn dryers and hog buildings. A tank can also make a good year-end tax deduction.

“The LP supply challenge isn’t something that’s going to go away,” Besch said. “You can invest in a tank at any time, so I encourage you to look at your options.”

For more information, contact MaxYield’s energy solutions specialists, including Mark Collins (641-425-5184) and Doug Shirk (515-320-5629), or call Energy Central at 515-887-7282.

MaxYield Cooperative Expands $1000 Ag Scholarship Program

MaxYield Cooperative announced today details of their scholarship program for area college students and graduating high school seniors. MaxYield has increased its scholarship offering to six $1000 scholarships to students who are in pursuit of a degree in agriculture.

“The purpose of the scholarship program is to encourage area youth to pursue and prepare for careers in agriculture. In 2015, we will increase our commitment, now awarding up to six scholarships,” stated Chad Meyer, Client Relations Director for MaxYield.

Applications are available at area high schools, local community colleges, and any MaxYield Cooperative location. As a part of the application process, students must submit an essay entitled “Why I selected agriculture as my career.”

Meyer continued, “Often, MaxYield is the largest employer in many of our communities. We feel we have an obligation to provide opportunities for our children to return to our local communities. This is one avenue by which we can support that goal.”

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2014.

MaxYield Cooperative serves nearly 2000 members in 18 communities, with about 150 employees. For additional information on the MaxYield scholarship program, contact any MaxYield location.

Scholarship applications are also available online at www.MaxYieldCooperative.com/scholarships.

Change Comes to Hobarton: MaxYield, Murphy Brown Conclude Grain Agreement

20130618_maxyield_193 compChange is the only constant in this world. Change has also come to MaxYield Cooperative, as our Hobarton grain origination agreement with Murphy Brown comes to an end.

Murphy Brown recently made this decision. They have staff in place to originate grain for their other feed mills and wanted to start doing this at the Hobarton mill, too.

It’s an amiable ending, according to Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO. “They stressed that MaxYield has done an excellent job through the years,” said Heim, who noted that the agreement will conclude on Jan. 31, 2015. “They just want to change their business model regarding how they originate corn.”

Murphy Brown wants to maintain a relationship with MaxYield beyond the conclusion of the Hobarton grain origination agreement as Murphy Brown will remain a MaxYield client. “We will still sell corn at times to Murphy Brown, and they continue to be a MaxYield energy client,” Heim said. “We’ll maintain a good relationship with Murphy Brown.”

MaxYield team members associated with Hobarton have agreed to stay on with MaxYield following the transition. They will continue working full-time for the company in other parts of MaxYield’s grain business.

In addition, MaxYield is still in the market to buy grain and serve area growers. “We’ll continue to work with clients we’ve served through Hobarton and will connect them with grain marketing opportunities,” Heim said. “We’ll help you find more solutions to meet your grain marketing needs.”

For more information, contact Cassie Degner at 515-295-7344, cdegner@maxyieldgrain.com.