January 25, 2021

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“From the Field” – MaxYield Seed Video Updates

MaxYield Seed Team Leader, Dan Bjorklund, discusses early season emergence and stand quality plus corn hybrid difference comparisons, in this video filmed May 26, 2017.


New Phone Numbers at Several MaxYield Locations

The number you dial when you call some MaxYield Cooperative offices will be changing soon. Why is this change happening and what do you need to know as this transition occurs?

  1. The new system will save your cooperative money. The new phone system is an internet-based phone service and MaxYield can save roughly 30 percent, trimming several thousand dollars a month from our phone bill.
  2. The new system will increase efficiency, be easier to maintain and ultimately provide better service for you.

  3. Not all new landline numbers look exactly like local numbers. Because our new phone system is internet-based, not all of our existing phone numbers were transferable to the new system. Fifteen MaxYield locations will have new landline phone numbers.
  4. New local landline numbers include: (800 numbers remain the same)

Belmond:                                      515-200-5140              877-327-4590

Dickens:                                        712-454-1052              800-779-0003

Emmetsburg:                                712-454-1050             800-544-6738

Emmetsburg-Kerber:                   712-454-1055

Energy Central:                            515-200-1362              866-711-7282

Everly:                                           712-454-1038              800-568-2238

Greenville:                                    712-454-1023

Gruver:                                         712-454-1030

Klemme:                                       712-454-1061              800-397-0021                         

Mallard:                                        712-454-1040              800-779-0002

Meservey:                                     515-200-5145

Superior:                                      712-454-1045              800-242-3625

West Bend Location:                   515-200-5123              866-935-7245

West Bend Cenex:                       515-200-5161

West Bend Tires & Service:         515-200-5131

West Bend Corporate Office:     515-200-5115              800-383-0003

*If you call the new numbers from your cell phone, there will be no long distance charges to you. If the call is placed from a landline, we recommend you use one of our 800 numbers to avoid long-distance charges.

**We’ll also keep the old landline phone numbers for six to 12 months after we switch to the new phone system, and any incoming calls will be rolled over to MaxYield’s new phone numbers automatically during that time period.

Contact your nearest MaxYield location with any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade our phone system to save your cooperative money and increase efficiency!




$10,000 Lottery Prize Sold at Whittemore Cenex

Dennis Demory Wins $10,000

Demory, 62, said he had a gut feeling to buy a $250,000 Riches ticket earlier this month and his intuition paid off.

“I felt lucky,” Demory told lottery employees Tuesday as he claimed his prize at the lottery’s regional office in Mason City.

Demory said he bought his winning ticket May 10 at Whittemore Cenex, 215 Fourth St. in Whittemore.

He said he scratched off his ticket later the same day and returned to Cenex to double-check his work. The staff there was very excited for him, he said.

“(They said) I can’t believe it, coming from this small town of Whittemore,” Demory said.

Demory, who is retired, said he plans to use a majority of his winnings to pay bills.

The $250,000 Riches scratch game is a $20 ticket and Queen/King of Cash is a $5 ticket. More details about how to play these games, and number of prizes still up for grabs in them can be found on the Iowa Lottery’s website, www.ialottery.com.


Feed Your Livestock’s Potential

MaxYield Cooperative’s feed team was proud to serve many 2016 Iowa State Fair winners, including:
• Matt Barickman (crossbred breeding gilt)
• Andrew Baumgard (Berkshire breeding gilt, FFA; crossbred market barrow FFA)
• Emma Frohling (ranch horse pleasure)
• Erik Goll (crossbred breeding gilt)
• Grace Greiman (purebred Simmental breeding, foundation purebred Simmental breeding, showmanship)
• Shelby Greiman (purebred Angus breeding, showmanship)
• Dalton Konz (4-H overall purebred market barrow champion Yorkshire)
• Nathan Nedved (grand champion beef of merit, class winner beef of merit, 2nd in class market steer)

The making of a champion starts long before a show animal enters the ring. It begins at home and is influenced daily by the basics, including high-quality feed.

“We prefer to get our feed from MaxYield,” said Brian Konz, a livestock producer near Garner and whose oldest son, Dalton, shows hogs at the county fair and state fair. “They understand what we’re trying to accomplish.”

At the 2016 Iowa State Fair, 11-year-old Dalton won 4-H overall purebred market barrow champion honors with his purebred Yorkshire. This champion barrow, along with the Konz’ other livestock, were fed high-quality rations produced at MaxYield Cooperative’s feed mill in Garner.

“I really enjoy working with the feed mill team because they are very accommodating,” said Konz, who has purchased swine feed from MaxYield for nearly seven years. “They provide good quality and get us what we need, when we need it.”

Feed business continues to grow

A commitment to quality, integrity and professionalism drive MaxYield’s feed team. “We provide small-town service with big-name products,” said Eric Malek, feed mill superintendent.

The feed division offers:

  • Convenient service. While Malek and his team offer grind-mix and bulk-feed delivery within the counties around the Garner area, bagged feed can be delivered to any MaxYield location.
  • Feed options. Along with bulk feed and bagged feed, MaxYield offers protein supplements for cattle, hog pre-mixes, show feeds and more. MaxYield also has access to organic feed products.
  • High-quality brands. MaxYield carries trusted brands like ADM, Sunglo® Feeds, Kent® Feeds, Spencer Ag and VitaFerm®.
  • Show products. Find a wide selection of show supplies from top names like Sullivan Supply and Bobby Listen.

It’s exciting to see the number of 4-H and FFA kids showing livestock at county fairs and the state fair, Malek said. “Raising and showing livestock is a family affair. We’re pleased that more families are choosing to do business with us.”

MaxYield provides the solutions they need every step of the way, he added. “We hold our standards high and work together with our clients to make good things happen.”

For more information about MaxYield’s feed solutions, call the Garner location at 641-923-3602.

Get Carded: Simplify Your Life with Fuel Card Options

Fuel cards from MaxYield Cooperative are handy, but did you know they can make your recordkeeping easier?

“There are lots of options available to help you get the most from your fuel card,” said Chad Besch, MaxYield Cooperative’s energy team leader.

Q: Where can I use my MaxYield fuel card?

A: Our cardtrols in Britt, Dickens, Emmetsburg, Everly, Fostoria, Gruver, Milford, Spencer, Superior, West Bend and Whittemore accept MaxYield fuel cards and credit cards. Our fuel stations in Langdon, Mallard and Ringsted only accept MaxYield fuel cards.

Q: Why does the fuel pump screen ask me different questions, depending on which pump I use?

A: Don’t panic if you get slightly different questions from pump to pump at MaxYield’s fuel locations. Various computer technology is available to operate today’s fuel pumps. MaxYield uses one system, while The Andersons used a different operating system. Although the computer software that runs all the fuel pumps throughout our trade territory hasn’t changed, your MaxYield fuel card can now be used with all fuel pumps at MaxYield’s fuel stations.

Q: How can my fuel card make my recordkeeping simpler?

A: Our cards make it easy for you to track useful information. Let’s say both you and your kids use the same MaxYield fuel card to fill up your vehicles. If you want to document who in the family is buying fuel and how much they are using, you can design vehicle #1, vehicle #2, etc. When someone in your family swipes the fuel card at the pump, the computer will ask him or her to enter the vehicle number.

You can add as many vehicles as you like. Also, one fuel card can have the same personal identification number (PIN) for each vehicle.

If you have fleet vehicles for your business, you may want to designate a separate number for each vehicle but have just one fuel card with one PIN. Perhaps you’d rather have separate fuel cards, since more cards give you more information. Just let us know what data you want to track, and how you want to track it. We’ll find the right solution for you.

Q: What if my fuel card wears out, gets broken or is lost?

A: We can lock out lost cards. We can also make you a new card and mail it to you. Each card requires a PIN. Just a reminder—for your security, do not write your PIN on your fuel card.

Q: If I have more questions, who can I contact?

A: Call Energy Central at MaxYield (866-711-7282), or Sara Sparks in MaxYield’s Spencer office (712-262-6650).