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Working with “Family”: Reasons Why Former Intern Shelby Wagner Joined the MaxYield Team

Shelby WagnerOne of the newest members of the MaxYield Seed Team, Shelby Wagner has enjoyed her time as an Agronomy Specialist Trainee since she joined MaxYield this January. She credited her internship at MaxYield as a main factor that led her to apply for the full-time position.

Here are a few reasons why Shelby appreciates her past internship:

How did your internship experience influence your decision to work for MaxYield?

I really had a positive experience interning and had a lot of opportunities to be educated during my work. MaxYield has a nice, productive working environment and I felt really comfortable here.

Describe the work environment at MaxYield.

Everyone I have met has been willing to go out of their way to help me. They are very positive people. I like how MaxYield is a family oriented workplace, which is also something that I value. I am very fortunate to work for a co-op that shares this same value.

  What differences are there comparing your career with MaxYield and previous work or jobs?

Before my internship and employment with MaxYield, I had been an intern at a different co-op. The experience was much different in that I felt thrown into my intern position, which I did learn a lot from, but it came with its challenges. MaxYield takes you through your internship and educates you. From the beginning they set expectations.

What advice do you have for future college graduates seeking their first full-time career position?

Be aggressive going after what you want. I interviewed for my internship here at MaxYield two times. If it is something you really want, keep going after it. Be patient with yourself, you are not going to be an expert right away. Learn from your mistakes, it gets better.



One Step Closer: Shaw Shares how his Internship Prepares him for a Career in Ag

Spencer Shaw

(L-R) MaxYield Seed Solutions Specialist Matt Keel, MaxYield Intern Spencer Shaw

A Meservey, Iowa farm was where Spencer Shaw’s interest in agriculture and agronomy became his passion. As a senior at Iowa State University, Spencer is excited by the ever-changing agronomic problems that occur in the field. Spencer’s MaxYield Seed and Agronomy Sales internship has provided the opportunity for further education about crop nutrient, crop protection, and seed product knowledge.

Spencer looks forward to his future career opportunities to apply his knowledge and experience. “If a farmer thinks they have a problem out in the field, I want to help them out by identifying what it is and come to a solution, whether that’s applying chemicals, fertilizer, etc.”

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your Seed and Agronomy Sales internship?

A: The family and team-like atmosphere here at MaxYield has been a highlight throughout my internship. The two-hour weekly training sessions we attend with other MaxYield Agronomy Specialists at the Learning Center plots have been interesting. We covered some basic topics like staging crops, and other things like modes of action, what crop protection products to apply and when. I also could make time during my internship to explore grain merchandising.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I am a member of Iowa State University’s Agricultural Business club. I mainly like to watch sports, both ISU basketball and the Dallas Cowboys NFL team.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: I would like to get a job in the agronomy sector but I’m keeping my options open. I like seeing the problems farmers have and then working to find a solution.



Anna Ehlers: Client Relations & Communications Intern

Anna EhlersFrom Storm Lake, Iowa, Anna Ehlers, a sophomore in Ag Communications at Iowa State University, came to the 2017 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Fall Career Fair on a mission. “I was looking for an internship that would give me a variety of experiences that would build different skills.” She heard about the MaxYield Client Relations and Communications internship from a former MaxYield intern. After checking it out herself through MaxYield’s blog posts and videos, Anna was driven to apply and is pleased with her internship experience so far.

Q: What are your responsibilities as a Client Relations and Communications Intern?

A: I am in charge of planning, design and providing some of the written content for the annual antique tractor calendar MaxYield makes. I help create promotional materials, video and blog posts for the internships and trainee positions they offer. I also shoot footage and create video for the “From the Field” video library where Seed Team Leader, Dan Bjorklund discusses current growing season issues. I have had the chance to be involved with MY Solutions magazine editing process as well. I really do appreciate the effort Chad goes to help me gain experience and exposure to so many different types of projects.

Q: How have you benefited by having Chad Meyer as your mentor at MaxYield?

A: Chad works hard to involve me with a wide range of projects, from event preparation to magazine editorial meetings, which I have really appreciated. Chad is quick to answer my questions and give positive feedback on how I can keep improving my communications skills. He has introduced me to other industry professionals, and enhanced my internship by arranging tours related to communications or other areas of the cooperative I have interest in.

Q: What advice would you give to another college student about your MaxYield internship? 

A: If you want to get a broad range of experiences this would be a great first internship for you. The environment is learning friendly, MaxYield wants you to leave with great experiences and stronger communications skills. Work hard during the school year and summer to get work experiences within your area of study. These can set you up later for valuable internships like what MaxYield can provide.

Jared Mullinix: Soil Sample & Crop Scout Intern

Jared MullinixThis San Antonio, Texas native came to Iowa State University with a fair amount of animal agriculture and meat industry knowledge. Jared Mullinix, 19, was very involved in his urban high school’s FFA program and eventually came to Iowa. Jared’s career goal is to develop feed for cattle and swine in the future. He was able to get both agronomy and feed work experiences at MaxYield as a Soil Sample and Crop Scout Intern.

Q: What were your ambitions when you applied for this MaxYield internship?

A: I applied knowing that I wanted to learn the basics of what goes into feed. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about soil nutrients, or much experience with agronomy, so I knew these were my priorities. In high school I had only taken two basic agronomy classes and one was focused on common Texas crops like wheat, sorgum, and cotton. During this internship it’s like a whirlwind of information that I learned about pesticides, weed types, soil nutrients, etc.

Q: How would you describe your MaxYield internship to another student?

A: I would tell them that it is a lot of work and sweat; however you learn a ton with that. You learn from your mentors, and by training sessions with MaxYield’s Agronomy Specialists that cover different seed varieties, applications for crops and more. I let MaxYield know that I was also interested in the feed side of their business and have been able to work in the feed mill. On the first day working in the mill my mentor was good about showing me what to do. I figured rations for 5 tons and the second day they gave me more freedom and I figured rations for 70 tons, so they want you to have hands-on experience.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I am a member of the ISU Meats Judging Team and a part of the Farmhouse Fraternity.

Impressed by the Best: How a Job Shadow Led to a MaxYield Career for Mentink

Mason MentinkA native of Woodbine, IA, Mason Mentink grew up showing Maine-Anjou cross cattle in 4-H with his brother, Malachi. Mason worked for Pryor Show Cattle near his home throughout high school and his first two summers of college when he wanted to start focusing on agronomy. Mason went to Iowa State University and majored in Agricultural Business, graduating in December of 2016. Having previously applied for a MaxYield internship and job shadowing with one of their Agronomy Specialists, Brian Cable, Mason was very interested in the co-op. Nearing graduation, Mason and his fiancé Mariah Garth of Lake Park, knew they wanted to live in the northwest Iowa area, which drew him to apply for the MaxYield Agronomy Specialist Trainee position.

Q: Why did you apply for the job opening? What attracted you to MaxYield?

A: When I job shadowed Brian Cable, I could tell that the clients respected him. MaxYield also had nice locations and with their SciMax technology, they stood out to me as a leader among the other co-ops.

Q: What have you enjoyed doing most as a Trainee?

A:  The time I have spent with my mentor Nolan Hauge, I have learned quite a bit from him. Also, I have liked meeting people, becoming friends with clients and working to find solutions for them.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I live by a lake so I enjoy boating.  I like going to cattle shows that my brother shows our stock in. This past year we have been showing at the NECC Classic, National Western, Iowa Beef Expo; and we’ll be showing at the Iowa State Fair in August. I also hunt, fish and enjoy being outdoors.

Drake Frideres: Seed & Agronomy Sales Intern

Drake Frideres

(L-R) MaxYield Client, MaxYield Intern Drake Frideres

Though he is a native of Onalaska, Wisconsin, the grapevine was how Drake Frideres, 21, heard about MaxYield Cooperative and its internship opportunities. He knew that his uncles, who farm near the Algona area, are clients with MaxYield and later heard from his cousin about the internships they offer. Lucky for Drake, what he had heard about MaxYield internships was true, and he worked to apply and secure a Seed and Agronomy Sales internship.

Q: What have been some of your responsibilities and experiences within your internship?

A: I have enjoyed checking fields, tissue sampling, and building relationships with growers. Other responsibilities have been to sell Winfield United’s R7 Tool, and also checking fields with one of my mentors.

Q: How have you benefited by having Dan Stokes and Steve ­­­Schany as your mentors?

A: It has been interesting learning from both mentors their distinctly different perspectives of sales. I have been able to draw from the methods of both and develop my own style. While Dan teaches me to “go after clients” and the value of developing relationships, Steve is really good at making clients feel comfortable talking with him.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you during your internship?

A: I didn’t realize it before, but I like the bigger scale of the business. The amount of freedom I have to make my own schedule was also surprising. Though I have this freedom, it also makes you more accountable when you have to meet deadlines.

Alec Berntson: Soil Sample & Crop Scout Intern

Though Alec Berntson, a MaxYield Crop Scout and Soil Sample Intern, grew up in West Des Moines, IA, he has a great respect for agriculture. He has helped his dad farm near Paulina, IA, for a number of years. Alec considers jobs in agriculture as “honorable”, and prefers the friendly people and communities in rural areas to urban life. Alec is a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in Ag Business and minoring in Agronomy.

Here are a few reasons why Alec appreciates his MaxYield internship:

Alec BerntsonQ: What have you enjoyed about your Soil Sample and Crop Scout internship?

A: It has been nice to have one-on-one time with my mentors learning different methods to figure stand counts, weed identification and weed height. The weekly agronomy training sessions we attend keeps us up with issues that arise with the growing season, explaining the priority concerns we should look for in the fields.

Q: How have you benefited by having Eric Magnussen and Brian Cable as your mentors at MaxYield?

A: Eric is an upbeat guy, very easy to talk to. I appreciate that he is down to earth and not afraid to point out his flaws.  Brian is also personable and is easy to get along with. Both are ready to give me support I need.

Q: How does your past internships compare with your MaxYield one?

I worked for a local co-op my sophmore year, and it wasn’t close to MaxYield at all. They didn’t make you feel a part of the team as they do here. This has been the opposite experience compared to my internship with MaxYield. Even when I researched area co-ops, I could tell MaxYield takes care of their clients and team members.

Q: How would you describe your MaxYield internship to another student?

A:  I have liked that MaxYield takes time to know you. I think it’s a premier place to work, and the stuff that they teach you doesn’t compare. I know I have even learned how to act professionally through my internship experiences. When looking for a co-op internship I compared notes with friends about their experience, which helped a lot.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I like working out and staying active; so at Iowa State I am involved in the intramural sports teams like basketball, flag football, and ice hockey. I am also in the Skiing and Snowboarding Club and the Ag Business Club.

The Right Fit: Montag’s Experiences Lead to MaxYield Career Path

Aaron Montag, a recent college graduate, was no stranger to MaxYield when he joined the team, as he had worked as a part-time member for the past four summers. He graduated from South Dakota State University this May, with a degree in Ag Sciences and minors in Ag Business and Animal Science.

Here are a few reasons why Aaron appreciates his past MaxYield summer experiences:

Aaron MontagQ: What was it about your summer experiences with MaxYield that made you want to return?

A: No matter what location you go to they all are willing to teach, learn, and ask questions.

In past summers, I floated around a lot and got the chance to experience many different sides of MaxYield’s business. That was actually nice because I figured out what areas I liked better. With MaxYield, there are many opportunities here, one summer I even got to tour the SciMax Soil Lab.

Q: What advice do you have for future college graduates seeking their first full-time career position?

A: From my own first-hand experience of job searching, I’d tell them to get input from people who work there. Definitely pay attention to the benefits they offer as well. Make sure it is a place you feel comfortable.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I help my dad, Frank, on the farm with the cattle herd, ride my motorcycle, and fish.


Matt Poore: Grain Accounting & Finance Intern

You can trace this MaxYield intern’s interest in finance back to his days as the Mount Ayr FFA Chapter Treasurer. Matt Poore is a senior at Iowa State from Mount Ayr, Iowa. He looks forward to his spring graduation and the many possibilities it holds. His MaxYield Finance and Grain Accounting internship and other experiences have opened up more options with his interest, related to grain and finance.

Matt PooreQ: What are your responsibilities as a Grain Accounting & Finance Intern?

With inbound grain, I update contracts, receipts and inventory. With outbound grain, I match our loads against what ethanol plants say and update trucking records. So far, I have learned quite a bit about professionalism working for a business entity.

Q: What are your career goals?

I’m still sorting out my plans, I might go to grad school or enter the workforce. For sure, I want to stay in ag, something with a grain focus would be nice. I am currently studying for law school, so I could potentially specialize in ag law if I pursue it.

Q: What are your hobbies?

Mount Ayr has a lot of good terrain for hunting, so near home I hunt deer and turkeys with a shotgun. I also like to fish.



Connor Langerman: Lead Grid Sample & Crop Scout Intern

Connor LangermanConnor Langerman of Whittemore, Iowa, decided to “double dip” internship opportunities following his 2016 Crop Scout and Soil Sample MaxYield experience. As a senior at South Dakota State University, majoring Ag Systems Technology, minoring in Ag Business and Precision Ag, Connor wanted to work within the same area as his previous internship. Due to Connor’s background with soil sampling and crop scouting, he transitioned into a leadership internship role where he provides assistance for the new interns on the Soil Sample and Crop Scout team, along with other duties.

As a future December ’17 Graduate, here are some reflections from Connor on his internship experiences:

Q: What have been some of your responsibilities as a Lead Grid Sample and Crop Scout Intern?

A: I do a lot of traveling across the region, sampling fields and scouting crops. I also help tissue sample the high yield management fields for SciMax Solutions. The Algona area has been a location I have scouted quite a bit for my mentor, MaxYield Agronomy Specialist, Amanda Pederson.

Q: How has this year’s internship been different to last years?

A: I have done much more tissue sampling in this internship than my last one. Every Monday, I sample fields to see if there are deficiencies developing.  I see more crop development in the same fields than last summer. I also am responsible to help the soil sample and crop scout interns.

Q: What was it about your past internship with MaxYield that made you want to return?

A:  I enjoyed crop scouting, the freedom you have to learn for yourself. Plus the opportunity to see a lot of acres allowed me to learn from different field conditions.

Q: What have you enjoyed most so far during your internship?

A: I’m interested in learning more about crop protection products and modes of action. Working with Amanda, I have especially enjoyed learning about different modes of action of crop protection products.

Q: How has your internship at MaxYield prepared you for your career goals?

A: I plan either a career as an agronomist or precision ag specialist at a co-op or ag retailer. My internships have been good experiences, managing freedom provided in these jobs. MaxYield can provide many opportunities with it’s engagement in different industries, there have been many different things I could explore and gain experience with. There are good Agronomy Specialists to learn from and I get to spend a lot of time out in the field as well.