February 25, 2021

MaxYield Contributes to Belmond, Britt Fire Departments Fundraising Efforts

WEST BEND, IOWA, May 28- MaxYield Cooperative made a contribution of $2500 each to the fire departments of Britt and Belmond. The funds, presented on May 28, 2019, were matched by MaxYield’s lender CoBank through their Sharing Success program for a total contribution of $5000 to each department.

The Belmond Fire Department will be utilizing their funds to purchase a breathing air compressor and fill station, along with supplementary equipment and installation. The system fills the air bottles that firefighters wear when going into a fire-filled or toxic environment, ensuring they have clean air to breathe. According to Dean Adcock, Belmond Fire Chief, this new equipment will increase the department’s efficiency and ability to serve its own needs.

“[The breathing air compressor] system will make it easier and quicker to refill our air bottles after a call so they are back in service and ready for use. It will also make us less reliant on having someone transport them to a facility where liability, along with timing to fill many bottles is an issue.”

belmond fire department

(Left) Members of the Belmond Fire Department at the check presentation included (from L to R): Chandler Bachman (Operations Manager at MaxYield Belmond location, firefighter), Nolan Ysker (Assistant Chief), Dean Adcock (Chief), Kyle Braun (firefighter).

The Britt Fire Department will be upgrading their fleet with the funds they received. A 1986 1-ton Chevrolet pickup, currently on load from the Iowa DNR, will be upgraded to a safer, newer chassis. In addition, the new truck will also have a few other upgrades, fire chief Jon Swenson explains.

“We would [sic] like to upgrade to an aluminum flatbed that would allow for more storage and help make the truck more efficient. We also need to upgrade the light bars and lights to all LED to make the environment safer for firefighters.” In addition, the new truck will also have a quad-cab and air conditioning.


(Left) Those in attendance at the Britt Fire Department Presentation included (from L to R): Andrew Hunt (Captain), Jon Swenson (Chief), Bob Smith (Location Manager at MaxYield Britt location), Eric Marchand (Secretary).


“MaxYield Cooperative is proud to help the Belmond and Britt Fire Departments towards their fundraising goals,” stated Emily Campbell, MaxYield Client Relations and Communications Intern. “Volunteer fire departments are some of the most important groups in our communities. Many of our team members and clients are volunteer firefighters themselves, or have been serviced by their local fire department at some point, and it is our pleasure to assist those organizations.”

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