January 26, 2021

Facility Investments Pay Off at MaxYield

If you delivered grain this fall in MaxYield Cooperative’s east region, you probably noticed some big changes. We built one new 750,000-bushel grain bin at Belmond and one 750,000-bushel grain bin in Britt.



Belmond’s bin upgrade has worked well, according to Frank Uhde, MaxYield’s east area leader. “The Belmond team received almost 600,000 bushel of soybeans at our Belmond west location. This was the first time we have used the west elevator for soybeans. Having beans on this side will allow us the ability to load a soybean train.”

Uhde was also very complimentary of the new 750,000-bushel grain bin and other facility improvements at Britt. “The new bin in Britt helped significantly decrease the amount of grain transfers during harvest and it also improved how fast we could take grain. The new PLC control system and improvements at the Britt scale have been great upgrades and has helped with both receiving and loading out grain.”

The biggest project included our $4.5 million investment at Klemme. The project included 750,000-bushel bin, a 4,000-bushel-per-hour grain dryer, wet-corn holding capacity, overhead truck load-out capability and all the infrastructure needed to complete the project.


“Harvest hit us before Klemme’s upgrades were fully operational,” said Uhde. “We are grateful for our members and clients support this fall as we worked through a couple early challenges. Klemme has some more work to finish before being complete, but we will get it completed soon. With what we have seen this far, Klemme’s grain receiving will be a force to reckon with.

Klemme received over 151,000 bushels one of the days’ during harvest. This is almost double their best grain receiving day in the past.”

“We made these investments to handle your grain a lot faster and help you get back to the field quickly during harvest,” said Ben Buie, grain team leader at MaxYield. These much-needed improvements will benefit area farmers for generations to come.”

If you don’t farm in the east region, don’t think MaxYield has overlooked you. MaxYield’s directors and leadership teams understand the importance of continually improving facilities and equipment throughout the company.

“We’re certainly not done investing in the cooperative’s assets,” Buie said. “We plan to keep expanding and improving our facilities throughout the company to serve you more efficiently.”

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