January 25, 2021

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Concrete Crews Onsite for Belmond Bin Project

The busy construction schedule continues at our Belmond grain facility, also.

The first two photos show crews pouring the footing foundation a week ago Saturday.

As the remaining photos show, concrete crews were busy pouring the ring wall that the bin will sit upon on Friday afternoon.

By Saturday, April 25, crews planned to remove the concrete forms over the weekend.



Foundation Forming for Klemme Grain Project

As this photo taken last Friday shows, further excavation and site preparation continues at our Klemme grain receiving location and is expected to continue throughout this week.

A solid base is essential for the next step, which is forming the area for concrete.

Britt Grain Bin Taking Shape

The new 750,000-bushel grain bin at our Britt location is taking shape.

These photos taken Friday, show that construction crews have installed the first ring and the roof supports.

The crews were hopeful to begin installing the roof panels along with mounting and wiring the roof exhaust fans.

We expect that they will begin the bin-jacking process and installing more rings to the bin this week.



Klemme Grain Project Taking Shape

This spring, crews removed the wind-damaged infrastructure from our Klemme grain facility. The south grain leg, grain dryer, conveyor and round grain bunker have all been removed to make way for the 105-foot diameter grain storage bin with approximate capacity of 750,000 bushels.

A 4,000-bushel-per-hour grain dryer, wet corn holding capacity, overhead truck load-out capability and all the infrastructure needed to complete the project will be constructed in its place.

After the removal of the damaged infrastructure, crews have begun excavating the area for the new grain bin. Work on the crushed-rock foundation has begun in earnest also.

Belmond Grain Bin Foundation Taking Shape

Continued favorable weather conditions has moved the 750,000-bushel grain storage bin project further along at our Belmond location.

In this photo taken last Friday, April 17, construction crews are building the forms necessary to complete the concrete base for the bin.

One of three simultaneous large-scale construction projects at MaxYield this spring, this project will speed up grain receiving in Belmond along with consolidating our grain operations to be more efficient for our members and clients.

Britt Bin Project Progress Continues

The construction progress on our Britt grain bin expansion project continues to move forward.

By the end of last week (photos taken April 17), the pouring of the concrete base was complete and the concrete forms have been removed.

The concrete construction crew has largely moved out, making way for the bin construction crew and materials to start arriving soon.

When completed, the bin will add 750,000 bushels of grain storage to the Britt site.

The project will greatly improve our efficiency at a key time for our clients and members.

Why You Should Use Farm Analytic Software

SciMax Solutions uses the power of analytic software from Premier Crop Systems to reallocate your input dollars into higher yields. To learn more, contact a member of our SciMax team today and check out the blog post by Premier Crop’s Kevin Kruize below! 

Do you get frustrated when you feel someone is biased towards a product, service, or certain brand? Biased information can end up being very frustrating and even costly to your operation. Now think about how you make decisions on your farming operation. Do you have any bias on how different fields respond to a certain seed, fertilizer, or crop protection product? Allowing your bias to persuade field decisions can be very costly and frustrating as well. Your knowledge of your own farm is invaluable. Using farm analytics can enhance your decision making by removing or challenging the bias with objective analysis.

I am guilty myself. It is easy to make assumptions and decisions based on previous experiences. However, using Premier Crop’s analytics platform, you can begin to dissect the different yield environments on your fields. “This means what you see…. completely different in the field across the road, fence-line, or even within the same field!”

You can start anywhere! Do you have computers or hard-drives full of unused files or binders full of printed maps? Organizing and analyzing this data, and using it to make more informed decisions could be the biggest ROI on your farm. You don’t have to be an expert on computers or an IT wizard, all you need is a trusted partner to help take the complexity out of your data so you can validate or challenge your own assumptions in order to optimize profit. You can view our Five Steps Guide to Get Started here.

The traditional field agronomist is still a valuable resource for your operation, providing scouting services, and making product recommendations. The difference with an Agronomist and a Precision Ag specialist is an agronomist has years of experience scouting for and monitoring the physical characteristics of your fields. A Precision Agronomist can take those physical characteristics and visualize them over your field and compare them to see how ALL of the layers are working together. When you combine the two with a powerful farm analytics platform, you can really increase your Return On Investment!

I once had an experience working with a grower and his agronomist reviewing yield maps and grid sample data. During the discussion, the agronomist looked at me and said “You know, I have been scouting these fields for 20 years, and in one hour, you have just identified many of the key issues I have spent years identifying by presenting his data in an organized fashion and bringing these data layers together.”

At Premier Crop we focus heavily on PROVING what you’re doing on your farm. We frequently encounter a situation where a grower has been frustrated with precision in the past. Their frustration is usually because there is not a good analysis of the precision practice implemented. One example we commonly see, and have proven, is an $100/acre swing in profit by yield increases and seed savings with variable rate seeding, simply by optimizing the seeding rate to unique areas of the field. The dollars that are left on the table can be shocking if you’re not implementing VR Seed and VR fertility practices, AND verifying “it works” by marrying your agronomics to the economics.

Implementing a farm management system that organizes your most important farm information in one place can be eye-opening at first. You might be surprised that your original biases/thoughts/intuitions may not have been as “true” as you thought. Premier Crop Systems helps simplify and visualize where to best spend your input dollar and how it can improve profits across all of your acres. Yield Efficiency is how much is left over after costs are subtracted from your revenue to spend on land and management. Below you will see our Yield Efficiency by Field across your farm. Do you really know what fields are making you the most money?

Premier Crop Systems is proud to be the leading farm analytics platform since 1999. We continue to advance and improve alongside our partners and growers on a daily basis. Together, we help you gain more insight to your operation for confident, and profitable decision making. We learn every day in every new environment we get to work in. Let us come alongside you to reduce the complexity and add another dimension so you can exceed your own expectations. Contact us now to schedule an information meeting.


Ready to get started? SciMax is here to help you use the power of analytics to make better decisions. Contact us today!

MaxYield Provides Leadership Books to West Bend – Mallard FFA

MaxYield’s Chad Meyer (far left) presented the WBM Hawkeye FFA chapter with the leadership book You Are Destined for Greatness recently. Joining Meyer are (left to right) Cole Thilges, President; Nolan Ford, Vice-President; Brandon Yoch, Secretary; Madison Wickman, Treasurer; Logan Studer, Reporter; Ashley Warren, Reporter; Kody Elbert, Sentinel.

West Bend, IA – This winter MaxYield Cooperative presented the West Bend – Mallard Hawkeye FFA chapter officers with the book, YOU Are Destined for Greatness recently. Authored and signed by Aaron Putze of Waukee, a past member/president of the West Bend-Mallard Hawkeye FFA, the book offers inspiring insights for aspiring leaders wanting to be their best.

The book contains hundreds of real-life perspectives shared by more than two dozen leaders, many with deep roots in Iowa, agriculture and food – from U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen to Miriam Erickson Brown of AE Dairy and Hy-Vee’s Randy Edeker.

“MaxYield understands that today’s agricultural business is a highly competitive, global marketplace,” said Chad Meyer, client relations/communications leader at the local cooperative. “Success for the next generation of ag leaders is about being a better person and giving back to your school and community. Today more than ever, leadership matters.”

MaxYield has donated books to multiple FFA chapters in northwest Iowa.

About MaxYield Cooperative

MaxYield Cooperative is a member-owned, diversified agricultural cooperative founded in 1915 and is headquartered in West Bend, IA. The cooperative has 25 locations and three Cenex convenience stores in Iowa. MaxYield also provides grain origination and accounting services for three Iowa feed mills. For more information, visit MaxYield online at www.MaxYieldCoop.com and www.FromTheField.com