January 20, 2021

Agronomy Internship Helped Tyler Hoffman Clarify His Career Goals

When Tyler Hoffman completed his agronomy internship at MaxYield Cooperative in 2018, he gained clarity on two things. He knew he wanted to keep learning about agronomy, and he wanted to grow his career in Iowa.

He has the opportunity to do both, now that he’s an agronomy specialist trainee at MaxYield. “I really like the culture and people at MaxYield,” said Hoffman, who grew up a farm near Graettinger and earned his ag business degree from Iowa State University (ISU) in May 2020.

While Hoffman had a good experience as a MaxYield intern, he still wanted to explore his career options before he graduated. “After I had an internship with a seed company in the summer of 2019, that’s when I knew I wanted to come back to MaxYield. When they made me a job offer last October, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.”

After to the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools across the state this spring, Hoffman began working full-time for MaxYield in mid-April 2020. “I was especially grateful for this job after some of my college friends had their job offers pulled after COVID-19 hit,” he said.

Growing a client base

Hoffman started at MaxYield’s Superior location and helped deliver crop-protection products. As the summer progressed, he worked with Justin Zwiefel, a MaxYield agronomy specialist based in Mallard, to scout clients’ fields. “I’ve liked getting to know more MaxYield clients,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman appreciates having Zwiefel as his mentor. “Justin is down-to-earth and easy to get along with. While I have a lot of freedom to grow relationships with MaxYield clients, I like being able to reach out to Justin when I have questions.”

It has been a smooth transition from MaxYield intern to full-time agronomy specialist trainee. “As an intern, I became more comfortable talking to growers and having intelligent conservations with them about solutions for their acres,” Hoffman said. “It helped a lot to learn the basics like soil sampling and crop scouting.”

It’s a plus that his full-time job with MaxYield allows Hoffman to be close to home, so he can help his parents on their corn, soybean and hog farm. If you’re thinking about trying a MaxYield internship, go for it, he added. “You can dip you toe in the water and try a little bit of everything here. That will help you find out what you do and don’t like as you figure out your career path.”

Editor’s note: In his free time, Hoffman enjoys playing in the golf league at Hillcrest Golf and Country Club in Graettinger and strength training at a local weight room.

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