February 28, 2021

Alec Berntson: Soil Sample & Crop Scout Intern

Though Alec Berntson, a MaxYield Crop Scout and Soil Sample Intern, grew up in West Des Moines, IA, he has a great respect for agriculture. He has helped his dad farm near Paulina, IA, for a number of years. Alec considers jobs in agriculture as “honorable”, and prefers the friendly people and communities in rural areas to urban life. Alec is a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in Ag Business and minoring in Agronomy.

Here are a few reasons why Alec appreciates his MaxYield internship:

Alec BerntsonQ: What have you enjoyed about your Soil Sample and Crop Scout internship?

A: It has been nice to have one-on-one time with my mentors learning different methods to figure stand counts, weed identification and weed height. The weekly agronomy training sessions we attend keeps us up with issues that arise with the growing season, explaining the priority concerns we should look for in the fields.

Q: How have you benefited by having Eric Magnussen and Brian Cable as your mentors at MaxYield?

A: Eric is an upbeat guy, very easy to talk to. I appreciate that he is down to earth and not afraid to point out his flaws.  Brian is also personable and is easy to get along with. Both are ready to give me support I need.

Q: How does your past internships compare with your MaxYield one?

I worked for a local co-op my sophmore year, and it wasn’t close to MaxYield at all. They didn’t make you feel a part of the team as they do here. This has been the opposite experience compared to my internship with MaxYield. Even when I researched area co-ops, I could tell MaxYield takes care of their clients and team members.

Q: How would you describe your MaxYield internship to another student?

A:  I have liked that MaxYield takes time to know you. I think it’s a premier place to work, and the stuff that they teach you doesn’t compare. I know I have even learned how to act professionally through my internship experiences. When looking for a co-op internship I compared notes with friends about their experience, which helped a lot.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I like working out and staying active; so at Iowa State I am involved in the intramural sports teams like basketball, flag football, and ice hockey. I am also in the Skiing and Snowboarding Club and the Ag Business Club.

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