March 1, 2021

Anna Ehlers: Client Relations & Communications Intern

Anna EhlersFrom Storm Lake, Iowa, Anna Ehlers, a sophomore in Ag Communications at Iowa State University, came to the 2017 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Fall Career Fair on a mission. “I was looking for an internship that would give me a variety of experiences that would build different skills.” She heard about the MaxYield Client Relations and Communications internship from a former MaxYield intern. After checking it out herself through MaxYield’s blog posts and videos, Anna was driven to apply and is pleased with her internship experience so far.

Q: What are your responsibilities as a Client Relations and Communications Intern?

A: I am in charge of planning, design and providing some of the written content for the annual antique tractor calendar MaxYield makes. I help create promotional materials, video and blog posts for the internships and trainee positions they offer. I also shoot footage and create video for the “From the Field” video library where Seed Team Leader, Dan Bjorklund discusses current growing season issues. I have had the chance to be involved with MY Solutions magazine editing process as well. I really do appreciate the effort Chad goes to help me gain experience and exposure to so many different types of projects.

Q: How have you benefited by having Chad Meyer as your mentor at MaxYield?

A: Chad works hard to involve me with a wide range of projects, from event preparation to magazine editorial meetings, which I have really appreciated. Chad is quick to answer my questions and give positive feedback on how I can keep improving my communications skills. He has introduced me to other industry professionals, and enhanced my internship by arranging tours related to communications or other areas of the cooperative I have interest in.

Q: What advice would you give to another college student about your MaxYield internship? 

A: If you want to get a broad range of experiences this would be a great first internship for you. The environment is learning friendly, MaxYield wants you to leave with great experiences and stronger communications skills. Work hard during the school year and summer to get work experiences within your area of study. These can set you up later for valuable internships like what MaxYield can provide.

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