February 28, 2021

Answer Plot—Session One

001 COMP


WinField Solutions recently held their first education session at the Answer Plot in Britt. Agronomy Specialists and growers attended the event to learn about new technologies and to ask questions.




Hybrid Placement
Steve Barnhart, WinField Regional Agronomist, discussed the importance of placing the right hybrid in the right environmental conditions. “Different hybrids react differently to soil types,” said Barnhart. “Our job as Agronomy Specialists is to help the grower match the right hybrid to their soil types.”

WinField uses their R7 Tool to help growers determine hybridplacement. Barnhart says, “Placing the correct hybrid with the right soil is one of the most important decisions that a grower can do to be successful.”004 COMP

Answer Plots are an opportunity for both the Agronomy Specialist and the grower to learn about the industry. “In agriculture we can all continue to learn. After 37 years in agriculture I continue to learn every day,” said Barnhart.

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