November 23, 2020

Apply Fungicides to Increase ROI

Peter Bixel, SciMax Solutionsby Peter Bixel, SciMax Solutions Team Leader. Originally posted at

Corn rootworm beetles are starting to show up, so spraying insecticide will help control them for this year and the next.

Does the suggestion to spray again now make you shake your head? Around this time of year, I hear a lot of farmers say they’re done spending money on this crop. “I don’t want to spend another dollar on that acre,” they’ll commonly respond discussing the seasonal application of fungicide, insecticide and micronutrients.

Here’s a clear and simple thought:

A business decision that returns the investment is a sound decision. If a treatment, such as fungicide on corn will yield 80 bushels per acre while the untreated check yields 68 bushels per acre, is that a solid recommendation? You bet it is!

That’s why we recommend a fungicide, along with an insecticide, for corn-on-corn and certain hybrids that respond to this application. With an average of 5 plus bushels, how can you afford not to? Focus on ROI, not emotion, as you engage in late input decisions.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds recommends applying fungicides to the following hybrids: LH 5078 VT3 PRO, LH 5228 VT3, LH 5376 VT3, LH 5464 VT2 PRO, LH 5465 VT2 PRO, LH 5686 VT3 PRO, LH 5877 VT3 PRO, LH 5982 GT, LH 6392 GT, LH 6394 3000GT, and LH 6396 3111.

One final reason you might want to apply fungicides is because it helps corn when it’s especially stressed due to heat and drought. Our crops are certainly stressed this season!

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