February 25, 2021

Are You Ready to Run?

Howard Haas

By Howard Haas, board president

The governance process is one of the most important keys to your cooperative’s success, and it takes dedicated board members to guide MaxYield Cooperative. Several of MaxYield’s board members are seeking re-election this year, including Eric Marchand of Britt (board secretary) from our East Region, Jim Wirtz of West Bend from our Central Region, and Todd Meyer of Everly from our West Region.

In the past year, we adopted the new policy that if an incumbent wants to run for re-election, we won’t actively seek an opponent. We saw no merit in recruiting candidates just for the sake of running an opponent.

While we no longer form a nominating committee in that case, we do send a letter to all of MaxYield’s Class A members to notify them that they can run for the open positions. Nobody is entrenched on this board, and it’s not a closed club. We welcome new candidates to run for the board, where directors serve three-year terms. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are interested in seeking election to MaxYield’s board, contact Chad Meyer, client relations/communications director at 800-383-0003 ext. 216, or cmeyer@maxyieldcooperative.com.

You may also click here to access the letter that was recently sent to our membership, regarding seeking election to the MaxYield board.


Meet Your MaxYield Board

MaxYield’s board members (and the year their term expires) include:

Howard Haas, Algona, president, 2015

David Garrelts, Emmetsburg, vice president, 2014

Eric Marchand, Britt, secretary, 2013

Todd Meyer, Everly, 2013

Jim Wirtz, West Bend, 2013

Don Hejlik, Britt, 2014

Jim Black, Algona, 2014

Barry Anderson, Greenville, 2015

Ron Rouse, Curlew, 2015



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