March 2, 2021

At Latham Seed for the Day

By: Kelsi Pringnitz


On July 6th, I had the opportunity to visit Latham Hi-Tech Seed for the day. Who would ever image, someone could get lost in Alexander, IA? I just about did, and then I saw the welcoming sign along the road pointing me to Latham headquarters. There, I met both John and Shannon Latham. John gave me the “grand tour” of the place and explained to me everything they did there. Having little agronomy background, this was helpful!

Latham Seed is a family-owned business started by John’s grandfather. The business has been handed down through the family and with only a few outside employees, this is truly a family run company. For their size, they do very well. In fact, they are celebrating 65 years in business this summer!

Shannon Latham does the marketing for Latham Seed and I was able to job shadow her for most of the day. Learning more and more all the time that I would like to go into agriculture marketing and advertising, she was a good resource for me. I picked her brain all day with questions and she provided all the answers I needed. I had no idea the extent of promoting she does, until she gave me an insight. Sending out fliers in the mail, radio spots, ads in newspapers as well as many other areas, allows Shannon to get the word out about Latham Seed.

I would like to personally thank Latham Hi-Tech Seed for allowing me to visit for the day, and to MaxYield for enabling me to go.

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