August 13, 2020

Concrete Work Completed at Belmond Project

The 750,000-bushel bin at MaxYield’s Belmond location reached a milestone recently as all concrete work for this project has been completed.

These photos show the pouring of the concrete floor late last week. Since these photos all concrete was finished.

The installation of the grain bin is slated to begin yet this week.

Though many of the crops that were planted recently would welcome a nice rain shower, the mostly dry weather has benefited MaxYield’s construction projects this spring.



Britt Grain Bin Project Nears Completion

The completion of the 750,000-bushel grain bin at our Britt location continues at a fast pace.

To date, the bin is constructed, fans are attached to the bin and we anticipate that conveyor used to fill the bin will be in place by the first week of June.

The installation of the grain reclaim will occur at a later time in the project.

All of the underground electrical work is also completed.

The contractors responsible for constructing the bin use 8-14 days as a rule-of-thumb for time to jack a bin. The Britt project took 15 days to complete, of which three to four they could not work due to weather.


Whittemore Elevator Upgrades Underway

One project that has flown under the radar that will benefit grain clients at our Whittemore location is well underway.

The upgrades to the west elevator at Whittemore began a few weeks ago. In these photos from late last week, contractors have the old distributor and spouting removed from the top of the elevator.

The new equipment is on site and ready to be installed. When completed, this project will speed up grain receiving in Whittemore, benefiting our clients, especially during harvest.

MaxYield’s electrical team will be heavily involved in this project also. The will complete the electrical work including installation of two new leg motors and all new wiring for the legs and distributor.



Construction Progress at MaxYield


Progress at our three grain construction projects continued last week.

In these photos from Thursday, April 30 you can see that the Britt bin project (top photo) is moving along fast. Since this photo was taken more rings have been added.

The middle photo reflects continued focus on site preparation for the 750,000-bushel bin that is going up at Klemme. Soon, crews will be making preparations for pouring the concrete foundation.


At Belmond late last week (bottom photo), the concrete foundation has been poured and crews are packing sand on the bottom of the foundation so that the concrete floor can be poured. It won’t be long and this bin will start taking shape also.







Concrete Crews Onsite for Belmond Bin Project

The busy construction schedule continues at our Belmond grain facility, also.

The first two photos show crews pouring the footing foundation a week ago Saturday.

As the remaining photos show, concrete crews were busy pouring the ring wall that the bin will sit upon on Friday afternoon.

By Saturday, April 25, crews planned to remove the concrete forms over the weekend.



Foundation Forming for Klemme Grain Project

As this photo taken last Friday shows, further excavation and site preparation continues at our Klemme grain receiving location and is expected to continue throughout this week.

A solid base is essential for the next step, which is forming the area for concrete.

Britt Grain Bin Taking Shape

The new 750,000-bushel grain bin at our Britt location is taking shape.

These photos taken Friday, show that construction crews have installed the first ring and the roof supports.

The crews were hopeful to begin installing the roof panels along with mounting and wiring the roof exhaust fans.

We expect that they will begin the bin-jacking process and installing more rings to the bin this week.



Klemme Grain Project Taking Shape

This spring, crews removed the wind-damaged infrastructure from our Klemme grain facility. The south grain leg, grain dryer, conveyor and round grain bunker have all been removed to make way for the 105-foot diameter grain storage bin with approximate capacity of 750,000 bushels.

A 4,000-bushel-per-hour grain dryer, wet corn holding capacity, overhead truck load-out capability and all the infrastructure needed to complete the project will be constructed in its place.

After the removal of the damaged infrastructure, crews have begun excavating the area for the new grain bin. Work on the crushed-rock foundation has begun in earnest also.

Belmond Grain Bin Foundation Taking Shape

Continued favorable weather conditions has moved the 750,000-bushel grain storage bin project further along at our Belmond location.

In this photo taken last Friday, April 17, construction crews are building the forms necessary to complete the concrete base for the bin.

One of three simultaneous large-scale construction projects at MaxYield this spring, this project will speed up grain receiving in Belmond along with consolidating our grain operations to be more efficient for our members and clients.

Britt Bin Project Progress Continues

The construction progress on our Britt grain bin expansion project continues to move forward.

By the end of last week (photos taken April 17), the pouring of the concrete base was complete and the concrete forms have been removed.

The concrete construction crew has largely moved out, making way for the bin construction crew and materials to start arriving soon.

When completed, the bin will add 750,000 bushels of grain storage to the Britt site.

The project will greatly improve our efficiency at a key time for our clients and members.