January 18, 2021

Beef Meeting

beef meetingYou are invited to join us Monday, March 23 from 11:00am-Noon for MaxYield’s Beef Feed Meeting at the Garner Pizza Ranch.

What: MaxYield Beef Feed Meeting
When: Monday, March 23rd , 2015, 11:00am
Where: Garner Pizza Ranch, Garner, IA
Who: All current or potential beef producers and family from any county are encouraged to attend.
Why: Dwight Lindley ADM Beef Specialist will briefly discuss, mineral, fly control, creep feed, wormer, and protein sources.

Please RSVP by 10:00 a.m. March 23rd to Eric Malek (515-341-1230)
Buffet Lunch Will Be Provided

Directions: The Garner Pizza Ranch is located South on Highway 18 on State St on the East Side of the road.

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