February 26, 2021

Belmond “East” facility gets upgrade – open house slated for August 30

Belmond East Soybean Receiving

MaxYield’s Belmond “East” soybean facility gets major improvements before harvest.


While Belmond area producers have appreciated the upgrades to the main grain corn receiving area, it is no secret that the ‘east’ soybean receiving area was in dire need of improvements.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on changes that will significantly improve soybean receiving capacity in Belmond.

MaxYield clients and members are invited to see the improvements first hand.

An open house will be held:

What & Where: Belmond “East” soybean facility open house

When: August 30, 2012

Time: Noon – 2 p.m.

Lunch will be served

MaxYield Cooperative Belmond East Soybean

The new outside soybean pit adds 12,000 bushels per hour of capacity.

In the past, the Belmond ‘east’ facility handled about 5000 bushels of soybeans per hour through the two inside receiving pits.

While the two inside pits remain, a new pit outside will handle an additional 12,000 bushels per hour.

Total receiving capacity is estimated to be at least 17,000 bushels per hour.

The increased receiving speed comes courtesy of the new outside pit, new grain leg, and new, larger conveyance equipment.

You are encouraged to contact our Belmond location with questions or to learn how these improvements impact your harvest.



MaxYield Cooperative Belmond East Soybean

In addition to the new pit, a new grain leg and conveyance equipment significantly boost soybean capacity in Belmond.
















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