February 26, 2021

Belmond East Soybean Facility Holds Open House

MaxYield Belmond MaxYield’s Belmond “East” soybean receiving and storage facility held an open house August 30th to show area clients the improvements made to speed up fall harvest delivery.

The team was eager to show off the new outside soybean pit that adds 12,000 bushels per hour of capacity.

In the past, the Belmond ‘east’ facility handled about 5000 bushels of soybeans per hour through the two inside receiving pits.

Total receiving capacity is estimated to be at least 17,000 bushels per hour.

MaxYield Cooperative BelmondThe increased receiving speed comes courtesy of the new outside pit, new grain leg, and new, larger conveyance equipment.

Thank you to our clients, members and team that were on hand Thursday to view and celebrate the improvements.




MaxYield GE-Max LLC litter equipment

Also on display at the Belmond open house, was this litter application machine from GE-Max LLC.


MaxYield Seed

MaxYield Seed’s commercial application equipment on display.

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