February 25, 2021

Ben gains a lot from his 101 experience

By: Ben Matson

Throughout my time at MaxYield Cooperative I have learned many things.  I have been subject to many different types of work and have really enjoyed my experience and being a member of the MaxYield team.  Some things that I was able to participate on are: planter stand analysis, tissue testing, warehouse inventory, product delivery, chemical application, and many, many more types of work.  My favorite part of working at MaxYield this summer was being able to work face to face with the growers.  I really enjoyed being able to talk and learn from the farmers in the area.  I also learned a lot from my Mentor Dan Stokes.  He taught me a lot of beneficial information regarding seed and chemicals and made my overall experience at MaxYield a success.

I couldn’t have asked for a better internship.  Everyone at MaxYield was team-oriented and hardworking which really made me feel at home.  I look forward to meeting with Chad and Diane again at next year’s career fair and being able to see a familiar face. Thanks MaxYield!

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