November 23, 2020

Ben Matson Grows Where He’s Planted

Ben Matson MaxYield Cooperative internSince Ben Matson grew up on a farm near Buffalo Center, he was familiar with MaxYield Cooperative. Ben, 20, was interested in a MaxYield 101 internship, because he wanted to get an inside look at how a cooperative works.

Q: What inspired you to study agriculture in college?
A: I’ve been around agriculture my whole life and have always liked farming. I’ll be a junior this fall at Iowa State University, where I’m majoring in ag business and minoring in agronomy.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield 101 internship?
A: The people at MaxYield are very welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Plus, there are a lot of different learning experiences you can try. I’m based in the West Bend area and have helped with planter stand analysis, seed inventories, tissue sampling, and meetings with clients. I’ve also worked on some high-yield trials and a gypsum program to determine what it will take to release more nutrients in the soil so the crops can use them.

Q: How have you benefited by having Dan Stokes and Greg Ervin as your mentors at MaxYield?
A: It’s really easy to talk to Dan and Greg. They’ve taught me lots of different things, from crop scouting to people skills. I see how hard they work to serve MaxYield’s clients.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?
A: I’m keeping my options open, but I’m starting to lean toward the agronomy side of the business, because it’s interesting.

Interesting facts about Ben:
• Ben’s two older brothers, Brad and Bryan, farm with their dad, Brent, near Buffalo Center.

• Ben enjoys helping out on his family’s farm whenever he gets the chance.

• Ben enjoyed the MaxYield interns’ trip to the AGCO plant in Jackson, MN, which manufactures Cat Challenger tractors and Massey Ferguson’s line of equipment.

A Minute With MaxYield Mentor Greg Ervin
The work that Ben Matson has completed during his internship will provide value long after his internship at MaxYield is complete. “Information from the high-yield trials that Ben has been helping with will provide the foundation for our winter meetings with growers,” said Greg Ervin, a MaxYield agronomy specialist who is based in the Algona/Whittemore area.

Ben has been evaluating a system of inputs to help growers achieve the highest yields possible. In addition to photographing the crop throughout the growing season, he has assisted with recordkeeping to help track net returns. “This internship has a high level of responsibility and key projects that need to happen in a timely manner,” Ervin said. “Ben is a self-starter, which is really important. He also stays on top of his schedule and has been an important part of the MaxYield team.”

Ervin appreciates all of the MaxYield interns’ enthusiasm for the ag industry and their interest in learning. “This is vital for the future of agriculture.”

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