November 27, 2020

Benefit for MaxYield’s Ben Kron

Benefit for Ben Kron

Saturday, June 23, 2018
5:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Whittemore Legion

Free will donation meal – grilled by Kossuth County Cattlemen
Silent and live auctions + DJ by MOJO Productions

MaxYield team member Ben Kron has been off work since March 26th and was hospitalized for several weeks, first in Mason City and recently in Iowa City. Though he his home now, he has a very long recovery and more surgery ahead. A benefit has been set to help he and his family with medical expenses.

If you have items that can be donated to the benefit auction, please contact Melanie Elbert at 515-884-2271 or Chad Meyer at 515-320-2593. An account has been set up at Farmer’s State Bank and is accepting donations now. Ben’s story is below. Can you help?

On March 26th, Ben went to ER with severe abdominal pain. After a few tests, it was confirmed he had a perforated bowel. Ben was transferred to Mason City and underwent emergency abdominal surgery and removed a portion of his colon. A few days later, Ben started having high fevers. The infection spread and collected around his lung. Doctors placed a chest tube to drain the infection, but realized the infection had spread through his body. Mason City determined he needed to be in a bigger hospital with more surgeons if surgeries were needed.

On April 2nd, Ben was transferred to University of Iowa’s hospitals in Iowa City. Once arrived, doctors ran variety of tests and scans to see where infection was at; and why the fevers would never go away. There was a pocket of infection located around his lung and they decided to place an additional tube to help drain the infection. Several other pockets were located on left side and 3 more drain tubes were placed to help drain the infection. The fevers still continued. On April 17th, he underwent another surgery to remove some infection from the original surgery incision site. Fevers still continued so another CT scan was done. They found he had developed a fistula, so every time Ben would eat, he was feeding the fistula. Currently, he is bypassing feeding and now only on IV nutrition 24hrs a day. The fevers have stopped!!!

On May 3rd, Ben was released from the hospital and was able to come home to keep healing. He currently has 4 drains on his side and the IV nutrition. Ben still has a very long road ahead of him. There will be a couple more surgeries to repair colon later in the year and numerous follow-up appointments in weeks to come. We are putting together this benefit to defray expenses for them.

The family will receive ALL money made and donated to this benefit, along with any cash donations sent to an account set up at Farmers State Bank called, “Ben Kron Benefit.” Ben is currently employed at MaxYield, an active member of the community, and his beautiful daughters both go to school at Bishop Garrigan. His wife Heather, is still working full time managing Brookestone Hotel in Algona and Emmetsburg, while caring for her family!!


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