December 4, 2020

BRANDON BENSCHOTER, Soil Sampling/Crop Scouting Intern

20150727_maxyield_057 (681x1024)While he grew up on a farm east of Algona and had worked with Pioneer Hi-Bred, Brandon Benschoter is getting a whole new perspective through his MaxYield internship.

“I’m new to the cooperative system,” said Benschoter, a Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) graduate who is now a junior majoring in agronomy at ISU. “I wanted to see a different side of agriculture and am learning a lot at MaxYield.”

Q: What inspired you to study agriculture in college?
A: There are a lot of great careers in agriculture. It’s exciting to see all the new things coming along in this industry.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield crop scouting/soil sampling internship?
A: I always knew I didn’t want an office job, so this internship has been great. I have a blast meeting with growers in the Central Area. They all have different styles of farming, and I’ve learned a lot from them just by listening to them.

Also, MaxYield doesn’t just throw you under the bus and give you busy work like some other companies do with their interns. They give you valuable, hands-on experience and guide you every step of the way. They also give you a lot of opportunities to learn. I’ve appreciated the chance to spend time with MaxYield’s grain team and learn more about grain marketing. I’ve also gotten to learn more about SciMax Solutions, which is interesting.

Q: How have you benefited by having Tim Bruns as your mentors at MaxYield?
A: Tim does a great job of helping me learn weed identification and what crop protection products to use in certain situations. He takes the time to explain things and does a really good job of helping me learn. If we’re in a field and Tim sees an issue, he’ll pull a plant and show me what to look for.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?
A: Working with growers this summer has definitely put a career in sales on my radar. I’m willing to travel and look forward to seeing what opportunities come along. I’ll never stop learning.

Interesting facts about Brandon:
• Brandon is taming the flame as he learns to smoke and grill foods. He especially enjoys the bratwurst from Skoglund Meats in West Bend.
• Brandon is an outdoorsman who enjoys fishing. He also hunts for deer, ducks, pheasants, and turkeys.
• Brandon likes to stay active and plays basketball in his free time.

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