February 26, 2021

Board Approves Major Belmond Fertilizer Facility Investment

MaxYield Cooperative board of directors recently approved the construction of a 22,425 ton dry fertilizer storage and blending facility in Belmond. The new facility will be constructed by Stueve Construction of Algona.

This $4.4 million facility will be a significant project in MaxYield’s history. The project demonstrates MaxYield’s commitment to upgrading facilities and equipment for improved operating efficiencies and to provide solutions for our members.

The new facility will be constructed southwest of the Belmond grain bunker. Site preparation has begun this summer with construction scheduled to begin about August 1st. The 22,425 ton facility will incorporate ample storage including two 8,000 ton bins, two 3,000 ton bins and smaller bins for micro-nutrient storage.

We anticipate the first fertilizer product being delivered to the facility in the spring/summer of 2013. Blending and load out operations will begin with the 2013 fall agronomy season.

MaxYield has needed additional fertilizer storage for many years and recently has been leasing space from another organization. The new facility at Belmond will benefit MaxYield by:

•        Improved service to our clients. This modern facility and equipment will improve the speed at which we can receive, blend, load out and deliver product to our clients. More automation will free up MaxYield team members to handle other work more effectively.
•        Improved operating efficiencies. Existing fertilizer facilities in the East Area were outdated, inefficient and in need of on-going repair. Internal product transfers will be minimized.
•        Opportunity for growth. The new facility will provide an excellent opportunity for MaxYield to expand our retail agronomy business.

Recent history shows that major investments like this pay off for the company and our members. The liquid fertilizer facility that MaxYield built two years ago has been an excellent upgrade and is working very well.

The new Belmond facility is not a part of MaxYield’s annual capital expenditure budget. It is an additional or special project and will not take away from other 2012-13 improvements to MaxYield locations and rolling stock.

Thank you to the team members who invested time and resources in researching this significant project. This is an excellent addition for MaxYield and your efforts are appreciated.

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