November 27, 2020

Brugman Finds Interest in Agronomy at MaxYield

Dayton Brugman, who grew up on a farm near Peterson, IA, joined MaxYield as a crop scout & soil sampling intern with a passion for agriculture. Brugman, who is entering his sophomore year at DMACC in the fall, grew up helping out on the family farm and taking care of his show pigs. Brugman is majoring in agricultural business and has plans to transfer to Iowa State University after his sophomore year. His goal is to return to the family farm, but interning at MaxYield has introduced him to agronomic knowledge that sparked his interest. “I was never really interested in it before, and now that I’ve gotten to work in the field, it’s really been an eye opener. I think I might want to minor in agronomy once I get to Iowa State.”

Q: What has been your favorite experience on the job so far?

A: Learning the process of how seed is treated has been my favorite experience. The whole field of agronomy has sparked my interest and I’m eager to learn more. Prior to interning at MaxYield, my only experience with agronomy was identifying weeds in an FFA competition.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your Crop Scouting & Soil Sampling Internship?

A: This internship is very hands-on. I get to do something new every day. There’s never a dull moment around here and the people, both MaxYield team members and clients, have been great to work with.

Q: Who is your mentor and how have you benefitted from working with your mentor?

A: My mentor is Mason Mentink, who is an agronomy specialist at MaxYield. He has been a huge help in making the internship a learning experience because I get to feed off of his knowledge. When I decided to have a greater focus on the agronomy field, he helped put it together so I could get the most out of the internship.

Q: What kinds of qualities does someone in your position need to possess?

A: Crop scout & soil sampling interns first need to be responsible and respectful to the equipment they get to use. A strong work ethic is needed because of the long hours that will be spent outside in the fields. They need to be adaptable to changes and be able to communicate effectively with their co-workers and clients.

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