February 27, 2021

Can You Unload Corn in Three Minutes?

Kerber Milling MaxYield For some clients who deliver to Kerber Milling in Emmetsburg, it only takes about three minutes from the time they weigh in with a full load of corn to the time they weigh in empty, thanks to Kerber’s facility upgrades.

“Our new high-speed corn-receiving facility has helped MaxYield take us to near 100% of our goal of buying farmer-direct corn,” said Glen Newhouse, director of operations for Kerber Milling.

Producers no longer have the time-consuming and inconvenient trek across town between the scale and the receiving station, he added. “With a MaxYield team member on site to weigh, probe, grade, dump, and reweigh the vehicle, without the vehicle moving we can get the driver in and out in record time.”

Roof removes weather from the equation

Kerber began revamping its facility in early 2013. The new high-speed unloading facility includes a 13- by 82-foot scale. The facility, which became operational on March 20, also includes a new receiving pit, conveyor, and grain leg, along with a roof over the scale and dump pit.

“This has taken the weather out of the equation and makes it easier to unroll tarps when it’s rainy or windy,” said Val Auten, MaxYield’s client care representative at Kerber Milling. “It also helps control dust in town and prevents problems with moisture in the grain probe.”

Kerber grinds about 7,000 to 10,000 bushels of corn each day, said Auten, who has run as many as 43 trucks through the facility on its busiest days. The efficient new system is helping MaxYield attract new clients and is encouraging previous clients to begin delivering grain to Kerber again.

Val Auten MaxYield “It used to take about 15 minutes from the time drivers weighed in to the time they weighed out, but now it’s down to about three minutes,” said Auten, who works right by the scale and can write checks and handle contracts, all without the driver ever having to leave his or her truck to pick up the paperwork.

MaxYield values the benefits that Kerber Milling offers area clients. “They provide an important end-user market in the Emmetsburg area, giving our farmer-clients three markets they can access,” said Harry Bormann, MaxYield’s grain team leader.

MaxYield’s relationship with Kerber dates back to 2005, and Kerber leaders appreciate this partnership, Newhouse said. “MaxYield has continuously and progressively helped us to achieve our goal of sourcing more local, high-quality, farm-direct corn to produce high-quality livestock feed.”

Val Auten, MaxYield’s client care representative at Kerber Milling in Emmetsburg, says trucks can move through the revamped facility in record time.

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