March 1, 2021

Cenex Warranty Offers the WOW Factor

20090423_farmers_443 compWhen we hosted 25 Brazilian visitors at MaxYield Cooperative in August, the farmers were wowed when they heard about the Cenex® Total Protection Plan® for farm equipment. As the Brazilians peppered us with questions, they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“What really jumped out at them was how valuable the Cenex warranty is,” said Chad Besch, MaxYield’s energy team leader. Here’s what we told them:

• The Cenex Total Protection Plan is the best warranty in agriculture. It covers the engine, drive train, and diesel injection systems on new and used agricultural equipment.
• The warranty extends protection beyond your equipment manufacturer’s warranty. It is available for a wide variety of new and used farm equipment, including tractors, combines, and telehandlers.
• The new warranty will cover the engine, transmission, and differential, while the used warranty applies only to the engine in combines and tractors.
• There is no deductible.
• The warranty requires no operator burden of proof.
• The warranty covers all the moving parts of the engine.

When you sign up for the warranty program and use Cenex oils and premium Ruby Fieldmaster®, you can get coverage for the diesel injectors and the diesel pump.

• All Cenex Total Protection Plan warranties include periodic maintenance reminders to help keep your equipment in top condition. They also help you avoid downtime through a LubeScan™ fluid sample report that provides insight into your engine’s condition.“If the LubeScan shows that copper levels are continuing to rise, for example, you know you’ve got a bearing going out,” said Mark Collins, a MaxYield energy solutions specialist.
• The warranty is fully transferable, at no extra cost.
• When you invest $299 in the Cenex warranty for new equipment, you get $200 worth of coupons for Cenex products. When you invest $399 in the warranty for used equipment, you get $200 worth of coupons for Cenex products. This is a one-time-only payment for each warranty.

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Think of the Cenex warranty as a no-fault insurance policy that keeps you in the fields when there’s work to be done. Whether you buy new or used equipment, you won’t find a better way to protect your investment.

For more information, or to request a warranty application, contact your MaxYield energy solutions specialist or call MaxYield’s Energy Central at 866-711-7282. ■

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