February 25, 2021

Cenex Warranty Pays Off Big for Otis

MaxYield energy solutions specialist, Mark Collins (right), presents a check totaling more than $21,000 to Wesley, IA area farmers Jim Otis and his son Brady.

Wesley, IA area farmer Jim Otis and his son Brady were already believers in the Cenex Total Protection Plan offered by MaxYield Cooperative. After collecting $21,841.15 for parts and labor in a recent warranty claim, their loyalty and belief in Cenex Lubricants is even more solid. Mark Collins, energy solutions specialist at MaxYield Cooperative, delivered the check.

“We have our combine and two tractors on the Total Protection Plan. I didn’t know anything about this warranty until Mark brought this to us a few years ago. Anything that I can put on this warranty, I do,” said Jim. “For $299 to sign up, it’s a lot cheaper than the dealer’s warranty and gives us better protection.”

The problems with their John Deere 9630T started last fall. “The engine had a miss and was puffing black smoke,” said Brady. “We took it to the dealer and they checked the head and put in one new piston and new injectors. It was down on compression in one of the cylinders and they said it looked like a possible injector failure.”

Both Jim and Brady were grateful for the support of both MaxYield and Cenex. “Chuck Hamilton at Cenex told me to send the entire bill to them and he would respond with what they would pay. I was very happy with the claim.”

Brady added, “This was the easiest warranty process I have ever been a part of.”

The recent warranty claim was not the only thing that the Otis’ were happy about, Jim said. “I had a previous tractor that I owned on the warranty. During maintenance work at the dealer, metal filings were found in a screen. After checking the oil sample sent to Cenex, they recommended to keep running the tractor. If I would not have had the support of Chuck and Cenex, we would have had the tractor apart and paid for repairs we didn’t need.”

“If there ever was a no-brainer in farming, this is definitely it,” says Collins. “For the small amount of money you spend on the plan, compared to the high cost of today’s equipment and repairs, it’s very worthwhile protection for both new and used equipment. And as far as the quality of the products goes, there’s nothing better on the market, period.”

More information about Cenex lubricants and the Total Protection Plan is available at any MaxYield location or by contacting them online at www.MaxYieldEnergy.com.

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