March 1, 2021

Change Comes to Hobarton: MaxYield, Murphy Brown Conclude Grain Agreement

20130618_maxyield_193 compChange is the only constant in this world. Change has also come to MaxYield Cooperative, as our Hobarton grain origination agreement with Murphy Brown comes to an end.

Murphy Brown recently made this decision. They have staff in place to originate grain for their other feed mills and wanted to start doing this at the Hobarton mill, too.

It’s an amiable ending, according to Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO. “They stressed that MaxYield has done an excellent job through the years,” said Heim, who noted that the agreement will conclude on Jan. 31, 2015. “They just want to change their business model regarding how they originate corn.”

Murphy Brown wants to maintain a relationship with MaxYield beyond the conclusion of the Hobarton grain origination agreement as Murphy Brown will remain a MaxYield client. “We will still sell corn at times to Murphy Brown, and they continue to be a MaxYield energy client,” Heim said. “We’ll maintain a good relationship with Murphy Brown.”

MaxYield team members associated with Hobarton have agreed to stay on with MaxYield following the transition. They will continue working full-time for the company in other parts of MaxYield’s grain business.

In addition, MaxYield is still in the market to buy grain and serve area growers. “We’ll continue to work with clients we’ve served through Hobarton and will connect them with grain marketing opportunities,” Heim said. “We’ll help you find more solutions to meet your grain marketing needs.”

For more information, contact Cassie Degner at 515-295-7344,

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