February 27, 2021

Communication is Key

By Ashley Smeby

Ashley CompThree weeks of being the Communications Intern have come and gone! Each day is new and different in the world of communications and client relations, which keeps me excited to come to work every day.

During my first weeks I have been able to meet many new faces, visit many of the MaxYield Locations, learn about MaxYield’s core values, and how the cooperative can better serve its clients every day.

The 2015 tractor calendar is one of the main projects that I will be working on throughout my internship. While working on the tractor calendar, I am able to visit with the owners of the tractors and listen to them tell me about the details of their tractor. By visiting with owners, I have been able to expand my knowledge on the older models of tractors, which I find very interesting. I have really enjoyed working with Chad Meyer on this project, and continuing to learn more about the communications aspect of MaxYield Cooperative.

Another project that I am excited to be able to help plan is the 100 year anniversary of MaxYield, which will be in 2015. This project has shown me how MaxYield Cooperative has grown throughout the years.

I have also been able to visit and tour some of MaxYield’s facilities, such as the Belmond fertilizer facility, and the Lakota ethanol plant. Now, working as an intern for MaxYield I have learned a lot more about the different parts of MaxYield Cooperative, such as the grain end users and the many locations that I was unfamiliar with.

Every day I continue to learn how important having good communication skills are to the client in a personal or business setting. Each client that is part of the cooperative has a slightly different style of communication, and that is what keeps each day interesting. As the summer continues I am excited to see what is yet to come.


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