February 25, 2021

Communications / Client Relations Intern: Laura Klaes

20160613_maxyield_133What are some responsibilities you have at MaxYield?

I have a wide variety of responsibilities at MaxYield. I am in charge of the Antique Tractor Calendar that MaxYield publishes each year and I assist with the planning and execution of the MY Solutions Magazine photo shoots and interviews. I also create content for the MaxYield blog and YouTube channel related to interns and recruitment and do some graphic design work. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with the SciMax team to conduct interviews with farmers and write award applications for the Iowa Farm Environmental Leaders Award.

Who is your mentor and how have they helped you at MaxYield?

My mentor is Chad Meyer and he has been a great resource to me during my time at MaxYield. Chad is great at giving guidance and instruction, while not micromanaging. He allows me to take initiative and implement new ideas that I have. While there are certain things that have to be done, he has given me the opportunity to tailor the internship to fit my interests and areas that I want to gain experience in. Chad is very invested in the internship program and is always looking to make my experience the best that it can be.

What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?

My favorite part about being the Communications / Client Relations intern at MaxYield is the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of people. I enjoy spending time on farms and talking to farmers about their antique tractors or the conservation practices they utilize on their farm. I love learning more about why farmers do what they do and what motivates each farmer to make a different decision than the next farmer.

What are your career goals after graduation?

After I graduate from Iowa State with degrees in Agricultural Communications and Ag & Society I hope to be a communications specialist for an ag enterprise. Organizations like Iowa State University Extension and Outreach or an agricultural cooperative are where I currently have my sights set, but I am always open to new opportunities and future internships could influence that plan. My internship at MaxYield has helped me to confirm my interest in ag communications and has also helped me see the variety of opportunities there are in the agricultural communications field.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to intern with MaxYield?

To be the Communications and Client Relations intern at MaxYield you should enjoy working with people, be flexible, and be open to new opportunities. Much of my time at MaxYield has been spent on farms getting to know the farmer and their farming practices or learning about antique tractors. Being personable and being able to get along with a wide variety of people is important. I have also had opportunities at MaxYield that I didn’t know I would have. Being flexible and open to any learning opportunity has helped me to make the most of every situation.

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