March 1, 2021

Connor Langerman: Lead Grid Sample & Crop Scout Intern

Connor LangermanConnor Langerman of Whittemore, Iowa, decided to “double dip” internship opportunities following his 2016 Crop Scout and Soil Sample MaxYield experience. As a senior at South Dakota State University, majoring Ag Systems Technology, minoring in Ag Business and Precision Ag, Connor wanted to work within the same area as his previous internship. Due to Connor’s background with soil sampling and crop scouting, he transitioned into a leadership internship role where he provides assistance for the new interns on the Soil Sample and Crop Scout team, along with other duties.

As a future December ’17 Graduate, here are some reflections from Connor on his internship experiences:

Q: What have been some of your responsibilities as a Lead Grid Sample and Crop Scout Intern?

A: I do a lot of traveling across the region, sampling fields and scouting crops. I also help tissue sample the high yield management fields for SciMax Solutions. The Algona area has been a location I have scouted quite a bit for my mentor, MaxYield Agronomy Specialist, Amanda Pederson.

Q: How has this year’s internship been different to last years?

A: I have done much more tissue sampling in this internship than my last one. Every Monday, I sample fields to see if there are deficiencies developing.  I see more crop development in the same fields than last summer. I also am responsible to help the soil sample and crop scout interns.

Q: What was it about your past internship with MaxYield that made you want to return?

A:  I enjoyed crop scouting, the freedom you have to learn for yourself. Plus the opportunity to see a lot of acres allowed me to learn from different field conditions.

Q: What have you enjoyed most so far during your internship?

A: I’m interested in learning more about crop protection products and modes of action. Working with Amanda, I have especially enjoyed learning about different modes of action of crop protection products.

Q: How has your internship at MaxYield prepared you for your career goals?

A: I plan either a career as an agronomist or precision ag specialist at a co-op or ag retailer. My internships have been good experiences, managing freedom provided in these jobs. MaxYield can provide many opportunities with it’s engagement in different industries, there have been many different things I could explore and gain experience with. There are good Agronomy Specialists to learn from and I get to spend a lot of time out in the field as well.

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