November 24, 2020

Convenience Close to Home: MaxYield’s C-stores Connect the Community

Whittemore CenexConvenience stores (C-stores) have become a fixture of modern life, but not all C-stores are created equal. Did you know that the Cenex C-stores in Whittemore, Fostoria, and West Bend are all operated by MaxYield Cooperative, meaning they are owned by the people who live in our communities?

“We want to be a big part of the communities we serve,” said Chad Besch, MaxYield’s energy team leader. “Each of our C-stores caters to the unique needs of the local community.”

Whittemore C-store is like a home away from home

For Beth Buscherfeld, managing the Whittemore C-store is like keeping house. “You stay busy with cooking, cleaning, and organizing,” noted Buscherfeld, a manager who has worked at the store since it opened in 1994. “Sometimes when lots of people stop by, there’s not a chair available in the whole place.”

Plenty of people in town start their day with their morning coffee from the Whittemore C-store and end it with a pizza at night. Buscherfeld and her crew are ready for the early birds, since the team comes in an hour and a half before the store officially opens (at 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. on Sundays) to put on a pot of coffee, prepare breakfast pizzas, and get ready for another busy day.

Cenex WhittemoreThe C-store has become a popular meeting place for retired farmers and other members of Whittemore’s informal coffee crowd who stop by each day. “We have a couple of different groups, including a few in the morning and one in the afternoon,” said Buscherfeld, who noted that the crowd sometimes grows to 25 people at a time.

The group often includes Denny and Roseanne Weber of Whittemore, who go to the C-store for coffee several days a week around 10 a.m.  “It’s a nice place to visit with your friends,” said Rosanne, who added that just about everyone in town knows Buscherfeld, Mary Jo Meyer, Carol Opheim, and the other team members at the C-store. “We talk about everything from our grandkids to the weather.”

Customers also like the daily specials and monthly pizza specials—along with the ever-popular fried chicken gizzards—that the C-store offers year-round. They know they can count on a large pizza for a medium pizza price each Thursday, and they can order a breakfast pizza for dinner, if they like. If customers crave soft ice cream, they can choose from eight different Flavor Burst® options, ranging from butter pecan to “blue goo,” which tastes like cotton candy and is a big hit with kids.

“We’ve got something for all ages here, from the kids who ride over on their bikes for ice cream or a candy bar to the farmers who pop in to grab a sandwich,” Buscherfeld said.

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