November 24, 2020

Convenience Close to Home: West Bend C-store connects with the community

West Bend CenexCaring starts with quality at West Bend’s Cenex C-store, which has become known as the source for the highest-quality, most affordable pizza in town. This isn’t your typical gas station fare, either.

“You won’t find dried-out old pizza here,” said Noel Keener, assistant manager, who noted that the store recently expanded its hours. “We want to make you rethink convenience store food.”

From made-to-order submarine sandwiches to fresh Picadilly Pizza, the West Bend C-store offers something for everyone. Some customers stop by for the lunchtime pizza buffet every Wednesday, while others opt for the $5 12-inch sub sandwiches, which have proven popular.

“We try to offer competitive prices and provide a clean, friendly environment,” said Keener, who added that the store’s team members are always looking for new ways to connect with the community.

They supply the Picadilly Pizza that’s sold at the local school football games. They also evaluate special offers, like a free slice of pizza for anyone who buys a fountain pop and wears a West Bend-Mallard uniform or school colors in the store.

Cenex West BendIn addition, the C-store handles special orders for local churches and other organizations, said Keener, who noted that one of the largest orders included 30 pizzas in one night for one customer. The store’s pizza lunch buffet offers excellent training for jobs like this, added Keener, who noted that the team served 20 pizzas in two hours during a recent buffet. While classics like pepperoni and meat lovers pizza are always well received, customers have also been receptive to new flavors like chicken alfredo.

“I have a lot of freedom to try new things, so it’s fun to experiment with new products and special offers,” said Keener, whose customers include regulars stopping by on their way to work when the store opens at 6 a.m., the morning coffee crowd who fill the store’s four booths, and construction workers passing through town. “Everything we do is focused on connecting with our customers and giving back to the community.”


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