January 18, 2021

Costas Hatzipavlides: Soil Sample & Crop Scout Intern

Costas HatzipavlidesCostas Hatzipavlides grew up in the suburbs of West Chester, Pennsylvania and came to Iowa State University to study Agronomy and minor in Agricultural Business and Sustainability. Early experiences working in his family garden sparked his interest in agronomy. As a Soil Sample and Crop Scout Intern, Costas has gained many hours of hands on experience and has learned about topics beyond his current college level. With ambitions to become an Agronomist, Costas believes that this is a great first internship, “It has confirmed my career goals, advanced my agronomic skills and provided building blocks to be an Agronomist.”

Q: What have been some of your responsibilities and experiences within your internship?

A: The internship has provided hands on experience with soil fertility, weed identification, crop-staging crop stand quality, herbicide chemistry and client relations.  I also have the opportunity to shadow Agronomist Specialist Justin Zwiefel. Justin has taught me so much in the field and practical agronomy solutions.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your Soil Sampling and Crop Scouting internship?

A: Talking to clients and making observations out in the fields have been some highlights. When you get out into a field to sample you see many different soil types that are within that one field, that’s really cool to me. It’s not just something from a textbook. I like talking with the clients if they happen to stop by, and ask them about their application and other farming methods that they use in the field.

Q: How have you benefited by having Rodney Legleiter and Justin Zwiefel as your mentors at MaxYield?

A: Having Rodney as a mentor is great. He always motivates us to keep working hard. Rodney has taught me the science behind grid soil sampling and the benefits of soil analysis. Having Justin as a mentor is awesome too. He is always open to answer questions and has taught me a ton of information I haven’t learned in school yet.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I hunt white tail deer. I am a part of the Soil and Water Conservation club; also, I compete and serve as Treasurer for the Iowa State Wrestling club. I have learned a lot from wrestling and value character traits like honesty, self-respect and perseverance that I have developed through the sport.

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