March 1, 2021

Data Decisions: Group data analysis

Dan Frieberg, CEO of Premier Crop located in West Des Moines, recently penned this column for Corn and Soybean Digest.

By Dan Frieberg, CEO Premier Crop,
Corn and Soybean Digest

In our previous column I talked about analyzing data at the grower level and field level, but we have yet to talk about the next level: the group level. Group data analysis is regional. Through data-sharing agreements, growers can confidentially and anonymously share their field data to receive actionable intelligence from fields in their own local area.

A great example of the mutual benefit of group data comes from one of our customers, SciMax Solutions headquartered in northern Iowa, who confidentially and anonymously shares group data with like-minded growers agreeing to be in their program.

By looking at group data, a 3,000-acre SciMax grower saved about $60,000 annually in saved nitrogen by adopting variable-rate application instead of flat-rate applying about 200 pounds nitrogen per acre in the fall. The grower and his SciMax specialist saw that he could cut back his nitrogen rate by a third while still maintaining yields.

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