November 24, 2020

Derek Haupert Pursues His Interest in Precision Ag

Derek HaupertGrowing up on a farm near Granville sparked Derek Haupert’s interest in ag equipment and technology. When he returns to South Dakota State University this fall for his junior year, Haupert, 21, is looking forward to taking more classes related to his major in agriculture systems technology. He’ll also be able to apply the real-world lessons he’s learned as a SciMax Solutions® intern at MaxYield.

Q: What inspired you to study agriculture in college?

A: I grew up on a corn, soybean, and hog farm and have always been interested in farming. I’m also really interested in precision agriculture and technology. Things are changing fast, and it’s exciting to see what’s new.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield/SciMax internship?

A: I’ve enjoyed learning more about the agronomy side of the business and working with MaxYield’s clients. I’m based out of Britt and started off doing planter stand analysis and tissue sampling. I’ve also been learning about variable-rate planting and fertilizer applications. It’s interesting to see how SciMax team members can use information from the SciMax database to help clients. I’ve helped with the SciMax newsletter that is emailed each week to keep clients informed about what we’re seeing in the fields, from insect pests to diseases. I like talking to MaxYield’s clients to find out how things are progressing in their fields and how SciMax is working for them. Every farmer has a different perspective.

Q: How have you benefited by having Rodney Legleiter as your mentor at MaxYield?

A: I appreciate all the information that Rodney teaches me about SciMax and how it can help growers. I’ve seen how the team is really important at MaxYield. I’d definitely recommend a MaxYield internship, because there’s always someone here to help explain stuff to you and teach you.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?

A: I’d like to work in the precision ag industry and would prefer to stay in the Midwest and Iowa, if I can.

Interesting facts about Derek:

• Derek enjoys pheasant hunting in South Dakota. He’s also an avid deer hunter and became interested in bow hunting a year ago.

• Derek tries to get home as often as he can in the fall to help with harvest on his family’s farm in northwest Iowa.

• When he’s not running the combine, Derek likes watching the Iowa Hawkeyes play football.

 A Minute With MaxYield Mentor Rodney Legleiter

The ability to think outside the box and take the initiative make MaxYield interns like Derek Haupert stand out, said Rodney Legleiter, a SciMax Solutions specialist. “We look for students with a good work ethic who aren’t afraid to ask questions and try new things.”

These new things have included field research with resin balls that simulate a corn plant’s roots. Legleiter put Derek in charge of using resin balls to determine how many nutrients corn plants are actually taking up and compiling this information for SciMax.

Internships offer a unique learning experience not only for students like Derek, but for MaxYield, Legleiter added. “Working with interns helps MaxYield team members learn how to communicate better and educate our clients more effectively.”

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