March 2, 2021

Save time by re-grid sampling in the spring

SciMax Solutions grid sampleSpring is the perfect time to have your fields grid sampled. Grid sampling in the spring allows all summer to plan for fertilizer for next year’s crop, and is one less thing to worry about during harvest.

SciMax Solutions began our own grid soil sampling service last fall.

You can take your soil sample data and yield data to the next level. SciMax makes fertilizer recommendations using actual yield data for crop removal; soils sample test values, and management zones used for prescription planting.

In addition to yield and soil test values, learning blocks are used, just like we use for planting, to measure the most economic return for your investment.

Many of you have heard a lot about SciMax Nitrogen. Our scientific approach to nitrogen management has proven itself over the past six years.

Clients have reduced nitrogen rates by 25-30 lbs. while maintaining, if not increasing yields. All soil samples are taken by SciMax is conducted with the SciMax Nitrogen protocol.

To learn more about SciMax Nitrogen, contact your agronomy specialist or SciMax Solutions today.


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