February 25, 2021

Does Premium Diesel Fuel Pay?

With today’s high-tech engines and ever-tightening fuel specifications, it’s more important than ever to run premium diesel fuel. Still, some people stick with #2 diesel because it’s cheaper.

You’ve probably heard us talk about the many advantages of Cenex® fuels like Ruby FieldMaster® and RoadMaster®, which offer the best premium fuel package available. Maybe you’ve seen the advertisements that claim how these fuels can boost fuel mileage by 4 to 5 percent.

With clever marketing, however, a company can promise anything about a product. “That’s why we decided to put these fuels to the test with our own trucks,” said Chad Besch, energy team leader at MaxYield Cooperative. “We wanted to conduct our own real-life fuel mileage test to find out whether it pays to use premium diesel.”

The results even surprised us

The test was conducted in the summer months. MaxYield worked with Steve Leman, an experienced fuel-transport driver who is one of the most detailoriented members of MaxYield’s transportation team.

The test with Leman’s semi-tractor and trailer included six weeks of running regular #2 diesel, followed by six weeks of running Cenex RoadMaster premium diesel. “We didn’t stop there, though,” Besch said. “We switched to another truck with Steve as the driver and conducted the same experiment.”

It turns out that the advertisements’ fuel mileage claims for RoadMaster premium diesel were not only accurate, but conservative. “The literature talks about a 4 to 5 percent boost in fuel mileage with Cenex premium diesel fuels,” Besch said. “Steve consistently saw a 6 to 7 percent increase.”

If fuel is $2.50 per gallon, a 5 to 6 percent increase in fuel mileage is like saving 15 cents per gallon, Besch added. “Paying a nickel to save 15 cents means the odds are in your favor.”

Less expensive #2 diesel might not be such a bargain after all. “After conducting our own test, we’re convinced that Cenex premium diesel fuels are the real deal,” Besch said.

Want to learn more about energy solutions from MaxYield, including Cenex premium diesel? Contact your route delivery driver, or call MaxYield’s Energy Central at 866-711-7282.


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