February 27, 2021

Energy market update

A few notes from Chad Besch, Energy Team Leader at MaxYield…

Regarding diesel fuel for spring, interest in filling tanks and contracting for spring is starting to pick up with the end of the year approaching.

Over the past 10 years, buying during the month of December has paid off many more times than it has not.

To learn if now is the right time to buy your spring diesel fuel, contact your MaxYield energy team. We are ready to fill up your tank for spring with Ruby Fieldmaster fuel from Cenex.

And you won’t pay a thing, until spring.

That’s right. Buy now, and have until April 2013 to pay.

Contact our Energy Central team, or your MaxYield representative for spring diesel fuel at today’s prices.

Stay up-to-date on the energy markets, click here to view Chad Besch’s weekly energy commentary.


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