November 28, 2020

Laura Reichert Wins Deanna Engstrom Memorial Scholarship

Laura ReichertEach year, MaxYield Cooperative is pleased to award a local student with the $1,000 Deanna Engstrom Memorial Scholarship. This year’s recipient, Laura Reichert, is carrying on the legacy of Deanna, a long-time cooperative employee who was committed to helping women advance their careers in business.

Reichert is studying business administration with an emphasis in marketing and management at Wartburg College, where she will earn her undergraduate degree in 2014.

Q: What motivated you to study business in college?

A: I was first inspired to study business through my job with K. Jackson & Co., a women’s clothing boutique in Emmetsburg where I worked part-time in high school. I was blessed with a nurturing and honest boss, Kathy Jackson, who was eager to explain all areas of the business I was interested in. I was able to get a taste for operating a small business in rural Iowa. I also knew I could take a business degree in several different directions.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: Thanks to my internship at the Pioneer Hi-Bred production plant in Algona this summer, I can see myself in an administrative position within an agricultural company. I think my marketing background will also be useful, since much of what goes into administration involves promoting the company and its mission. As my business career progresses, I hope to be in a management position someday. I also want to earn at least one, if not two, master’s degrees to further my career.

Q: Why do you appreciate the Deanna Engstrom Memorial Scholarship?

A: I’d like to thank MaxYield Cooperative for this scholarship and inspiring me to explore ag business further. Deanna Engstrom is a model for young women going into ag business, and

I’m inspired by her achievements. Also, the application and selection process for this scholarship is a learning experience in itself. It taught me a lot about interviewing, MaxYield Cooperative, and women in ag business. I appreciate not only the scholarship but the lesson of how determination and perseverance pay off when you want something badly enough.

Editor’s note: Laura is the daughter of Walt and Tricia Reichert. In addition to her classes, Laura works three part-time jobs at Wartburg College. She’s an admissions counselor’s assistant, a supplementary instructor for Accounting I and II classes, and the videographer for the Wartburg football team.



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