November 23, 2020

Every Day Is Harvest at Lakota – Location Profile, Part 2

Teamwork pays off

MaxYield Cooperative - LakotaAlthough the ethanol plant at Lakota has gone through many changes, from MGP being sold to Global Ethanol in 2006 and Global Ethanol being sold to GPRE in 2010, MaxYield’s commitment to the plant and area farmers hasn’t changed.

“We try to do the best possible job we can, and this starts with good communication between MaxYield, GPRE, and our clients,” said Denney, who has been named to MaxYield’s All Star Team. “It takes a team effort, and it’s fun to play a role in helping things go well for our clients.”

To make things more fun during harvest, the Lakota and GPRE teams grill hamburgers and chicken fillets for clients, and serves the free meals with potato chips and homemade pumpkin bars and brownies a few times each fall. “If our clients want to take a lunch to their harvest crew, we box up the food for them,” Denney said. “We try to help wherever we can.”

All these efforts reflect MaxYield’s commitment to third-party grain origination agreements, which have become an important part of MaxYield’s business, said Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO. “This continues to be a win-win-win for MaxYield, GPRE, and area corn producers. Our grain origination agreement with GPRE was recently extended three years, and we look forward to this opportunity.”

Focusing on the future is important to MaxYield’s Lakota team, which serves not only many long-time clients but also their sons and daughters who have joined the farming operation. “I believe this area has the best clientele ever,” Denney said. “I like working with our clients, keeping them updated on the markets and offering competitive prices and solutions for their farms. I enjoy getting to know the farmers and their families. They become your friends, not just your clients.”


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