February 25, 2021

Farmer to Farmer: Fostoria’s Paul Anderson Provides Grain Solutions

20120927_farmers_007 (1024x681)It’s no secret that grain marketing tends to be one of a farmers’ least favorite tasks. Paul Anderson understands the challenges of grain marketing, since he farmed for years before joining MaxYield Cooperative.

“I know what growers are going through and what they need,” said Anderson, who has served as the grain team leader at MaxYield’s Fostoria location since 2012. “I also realize that most clients would rather produce a crop than market it. We can help.”

Anderson knows agriculture from the ground up, since he farmed with his father and brother for a number of years and worked at the co-op in Ringsted from 1978 to 1987 following his graduation from Ringsted High School. After working at a large cattle feedlot in the Milford area for 15 years, he joined MaxYield part-time in 2009. He helped with a little bit of everything at the Fostoria location, from unloading grain to earning his commercial applicators’ license so he could apply 32% UAN fertilizer in the spring of 2010.

The job was such a good fit for Anderson that he joined the MaxYield team full-time in October 2010. He credits Dustie Millsap, Fostoria’s client care leader, with helping him learn the skills needed to become a grain solutions provider for MaxYield’s West Area. “The team is everything,” Anderson said. “We work together to find the answers our clients need.”

Making grain marketing easier
These solutions include updating clients on the markets, informing them about MaxYield’s grain policies, assessing different marketing strategies, answering phone calls, working with clients who stop by the Fostoria location, dispatching trucks for on-farm grain pickup, and more. The diversity of the work is a plus for Anderson.

“We serve the whole gamut, from clients who know how they want to market their own grain, all the way to those who would rather have someone do it for them,” Anderson said. “Also, some people are willing to sell grain two years ahead, and others don’t sell it until they have the grain in hand. We tailor marketing solutions to each client’s specific needs.”

Buying grain is a fun part of the job, Anderson added. “Our upgraded facilities have helped a lot. The Fostoria location has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to tremendous support from clients in the area.”

Anderson looks forward to building relationships with more MaxYield clients to help them find the right marketing tools to maximize their profit potential. “Our team understands local agriculture and can provide the solutions you need.”

Editor’s note: When Anderson has time off from work, this avid hunter and fisherman enjoys watching NASCAR races. During the past eight years he has traveled to various racetracks, including the Texas Motor Speedway, to watch his favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., compete. Paul and his wife, Shannon, a sales professional at Pure Fishing in Spirit Lake, also spend time with their family, which includes Paul’s three grown children (Joe, Jared, and Jessi) and the Anderson’s daughters Cassie, who is a junior in college, and Adreanna, who is a junior in high school.

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