February 25, 2021

Fighting the Invisible Yield Robber: Proven Seed Treatment Combats Sudden Death Syndrome

Is sudden death syndrome (SDS) plaguing your fields? If so, you’re not alone.

Roughly 80 percent of the fields in MaxYield Cooperative’s trade territory are affected by SDS. “Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there,” said Matt Keel, a MaxYield seed solutions specialist. “It’s a problem that keeps creeping up and causes serious yield losses.”

SDS was prevalent in northern Iowa this year. The soilborne SDS fungus thrives in wet conditions and poorly-drained, compacted soils. It made its appearance earlier than normal in some fields, showing up in early August, Keel said.

In the eastern part of MaxYield’s trade territory, some growers have struggled for three years in a row with SDS, taking yield hits of 20 to 25 bushels per acre. “In some cases, fields that would have normally yielded 70 to 75 bushels per acre only yielded 38 bushels due to SDS,” Keel said.

Infection occurs early in the growing season. Once the SDS fungus is present in a field, it does not go away and can be spread by soil movement to neighboring fields. “Since the SDS fungus affects the roots, it’s an invisible problem,” Keel said.

SDS takes a toll by limiting plants’ water and nutrient uptake. By the time you see any symptoms, including dramatically smaller soybeans and aborted pods, it’s too late.

ILeVO® seed treatment protects yield potential

While you can select varieties with defensive traits to fight SDS, plus improved drainage can also help, there’s a new option to help take manage SDS. ILeVO® is the first seed treatment for soybeans that offers protection against SDS and nematodes in the seed zone throughout the critical growing period.

“We’ve done many trials with ILeVO in the past couple years and have seen it give a 4- to 9-bushel yield advantage,” Keel said.

ILeVO protects against early-season infection, so your plants will be healthier and perform better, even in the absence of foliar SDS symptoms. “It only takes a bushel or two to pay for ILeVO,” Keel said.

As you plan for 2017, contact your MaxYield agronomist today to see how ILeVO can protect your soybean yields.


Key Benefits of ILeVO Seed Treatment

  • Increased yields. MaxYield trials have shown a soybean yield advantage of 4 to 9 bushels per acre when ILeVO is used.
  • Activity against SDS and SCN. SDS and soybean cyst nematode (SCN) are two of the top yield robbers in soybean production. ILeVO kills all nematode species in the seed zone.
  • Early plant protection. Because seeds are protected from the time they’re put into the ground, they can be planted earlier in the season.
  • Increased plant performance. ILeVO helps produce stronger, healthier plants.


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