January 25, 2021

Fostoria Fire Department Receives Contribution

Fostoria Fire Chief, Kim Kroger (right), stopped by our Langdon location yesterday to pick up a contribution check from Lyn Cox, operations assistant at MaxYield Cooperative.

Many of our locations hold pre-harvest facility walk-throughs with local fire departments, of which Langdon was one of the most recent to do so.

MaxYield is proud to support our area fire departments and first responders with annual contributions and we appreciate them taking time to become very familiar with our facilities and team!

About MaxYield Cooperative

MaxYield Cooperative is a local farmer-owned diversified cooperative serving members and clients in Iowa, and southern Minnesota. They annually contribute to organizations making a difference in their trade area. Founded in 1915, MaxYield Cooperative is headquartered in West Bend, Iowa. More information about the cooperative can be found online at www.MaxYieldCooperative.com and www.FromTheField.com.

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