November 25, 2020

Garner Lumber & Supply – After the fire…

At roughly 11:23 p.m. Wednesday, September 26th, MaxYield Lumber & Supply’s south warehouse was lost due to fire. A fire in a neighboring garage appears to be the cause of the blaze. The contents of the lumber yard’s warehouse were a total loss.There were no injuries.

It is important to know that MaxYield’s Lumber and Supply is still open and serving our clients. We have been securing additional storage space and inventory and expect little if any disruption in service.

Please see below, a letter to our MaxYield clients, regarding lumber operations in the future. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you to the Garner Fire Department, Garner Ambulance Service and the Klemme and Ventura fire departments for their help!



Dear valued client,

I am writing to inform you that, as many of you have heard, we have experienced quite a loss here at the lumber department, as our south building started on fire late Wednesday and all the materials inside were a total loss.

As disappointing as this may be for Max Yields Lumber  team, and those who support us, we are very pleased that no one was injured in the fire or the fighting of the fire.  We are very appreciative that there are so many dedicated volunteers in the area to assist in our time of need.  We were blessed to have Fire Departments from Garner, Ventura, and Klemme, as well as the Garner Ambulance service.  To all of them, thanks again for your efforts!

The intent of this letter is to let all of those who have been loyal supporters of our lumber department that we will be moving forward.  There will be a little time where we won’t know exactly the direction we are headed as we wait for Fire Marshall Investigation and Insurance adjusters.  We may be a little less organized in the short term, but promise to work diligently to make your experience with us as good or better than it has ever been.

All of the stock that was in the yellow building to the South of the Main Lumber office will now be located in the “old white plywood shed” and “ the state shed”, which are both on the North side of our main building.  All of the mill work and other items stored in the main building are safe and sound.  Jack will have to adapt to a different delivery vehicle as the truck was also a victim of the fire.

If you have concerns with orders you have placed, or future orders, please do not hesitate to contact any of us in the lumber department.  If you know of upcoming orders or deliveries we can assist you with, an early call will be appreciated so as to make sure we can provide you with the timely service you deserve.  We appreciate your patience and understanding,  as there are bound to be some struggles.

–Looking forward to your continued support…


Adam, Jack, and Danielle

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