March 1, 2021

Get More for Your Money with Cenex® Fuel

20151015_maxyield_436 (1024x681)What if you could use 4 percent to 5 percent less fuel on your farm?  If you do any over-the-road trucking, what if you could get 4 percent to 5 percent better mileage?

These kinds of savings equate to 10 cents per gallon on $2-per-gallon fuel. When that fuel is premium diesel from Cenex®, it’s easy to see why investing an extra nickel per gallon pays off.  “Spending five to save 10 is better than casino odds by far,” said Chad Besch, MaxYield’s energy team leader. “We’ve had many years of experience with Cenex fuels, which are the best on the market for delivering power and performance.”

Cenex® fuels, including premium gasoline and Ruby Fieldmaster® diesel, are available throughout MaxYield Cooperative’s trade territory, including areas previously served by The Andersons, Inc. “Welcome to our new clients who came to MaxYield through our acquisition of The Andersons,” Besch said. “We look forward to serving you.”

Enjoy greater peace of mind with ag’s best warranty

Part of this service includes the Cenex Total Protection Plan®. This warranty, which extends protection beyond your equipment manufacturer’s warranty, covers new and used agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines and telehandlers.

“You’ve made a huge investment in your equipment,” Besch said. “Protect that investment with the Total Protection Plan, which is the best warranty in agriculture.”

The warranty covers all the moving parts of the engine. There is no deductible, plus the warranty requires no operator burden of proof. “This is an eight- to 10-year warranty that only costs $200 or $400, depending on whether you’re covering new or used equipment,” Besch noted.

To qualify for the Cenex Total Protection Plan, you must use bulk or packaged Cenex oil. Both options are available from MaxYield. This is some of the best oil available at the most competitive prices, Besch noted. “Offering you the best fuels, oils and warranty on the market are huge benefits that give you peace of mind and keep your operation running smoothly.”

To learn more about how Cenex fuels, Cenex oil or the Total Protection Plan can save you money and boost your bottom line, contact MaxYield’s Energy Central at 866-711-7282.

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